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More “Personal Relevance” Is Needed to Win Customer Conversations at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

While we have reversed “no” positions for 3PLs, supply chain consulting and SaaS tech firms, in most cases, you have one chance to win, protect and expand accounts you want. One communication misfire and one wrong interaction will result in unresponsiveness and inaction.

Yet, sales, marketing, account management and customer success teams traditionally speak at industries and volumes of accounts with little to zero relevance and there is no differentiation between “acquisition” and “expansion” conversations. When firms engage in account-based approaches they often speak at accounts with the same messaging and do not consider that “value” is different for each person within those accounts.

Personal ABM speaks to the people within target accounts to create a human bond. We go directly to key decision makers and influencers with insights that are specific to their gaps and impacts and content that speaks to them specifically. As a result, clients create a buying vision so strong that buyers pull sales, marketing and account teams through the buying process.

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What You Can Expect When Engaging in Personal ABM

UK SaaS firm, Sumerian, drives revenue wins with accounts like British Airways, GoDaddy, JC Penney, ServiceNow, IBM


Fintech firm, ARG LLC, reverses “no” positions to win accounts like UPS, CMA CGM and Meditteranean Shipping Company (MSC)

How Sales & Business Development Wins

RGL Logistics (a regional 3PL) protects contract with P&G & takes business away from top 10 national 3PL.

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More Wins From Our Supply Chain & Tech Clients:

  • 30% more wins for one of CIOReview’s most promising supply chain tech companies
  • 60% of sales and marketing qualified leads for a top Wisconsin based 3PL selling Oracle Transportation Manages becomes $400M-$2M wins
  • Regional 3PL increases engagement by 4X and expands contracts with Treehouse Foods to go from 1% wallet share to 15%.
  • Startup order management SaaS firm drives selling conversations with GE Healthcare to replace existing Oracle systems
  • ITSM technology firm gains a 70:1 ROI in terms of opportunities opened and closed
  • Sales and marketing technology firm sees 55% larger pipeline and 36% increased revenue
  • Inc 5000 TMS firm wins accounts that previously saw no differentiation and doubles revenue in 6 months to become the fastest growing business on the Inc 5000 list
  • JDA implementation partner firm changes the buying behavior of LVMH Group’s Sephora & DFS to expand accounts while driving wins with Toll Logistics and others.
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Here Are Some of the Accounts Our Clients Are Winning, Protecting & Expanding

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