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Volume based sales and marketing programs result in funnel fall-off, while a “personally relevant ABM” approach creates account, new market & profit margin growth for supply chain and tech companies.

Accelerating Relationships For Up-Sells, Cross-Sells & Account Penetration

T/WMS tech and 3PL team expands contract with P&G to add new offerings, while taking business away from a top 10 national 3PL. Stopping RFPs to increase margins in this way requires putting the customer first through stories in your public content and personal messaging that speak to achieved value, current gaps & impacts, and also future value.

Accelerating relationships for New Market Expansion

SaaS team focused on financial enterprises breaks into new markets to drive revenue closes with GoDaddy, JC Penney and partnership deals with ServiceNow, VMWare, IBM, CSC and Fujitsu by speaking to gaps in capacity planning tech and the impacts at the company, division, rank, personal and customer levels.

Accelerating relationships for Profit Margin Growth

Aligning Director, Leadership and Business Owner communications with customer needs allowed a20-year revenue technology team to turn “looks nice, but not urgent” into “yes, let’s discuss now” with $4B to $90B prospectslike UPS, while also increasing margin.

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See the results supply chain and tech companies achieve when they align Leadership, Sales and Marketing directly with their most desired prospects using a personal ABM approach:

  • Unified communications tech company that serves 86% of the Fortune 100 gains more “marketing influenced revenue” than all other marketing initiatives combined.
  • 60% of “sales and marketing qualified leads” for a top Wisconsin based 3PL selling Oracle Transportation Management became $400K – $2M wins.
  • Order management SaaS company opens conversation with the CFO of GE Healthcare to discuss how Oracle does not capably support eCommerce or Amazon competition.
  • Inc 5000 TMS firm closed customers who were previously confused about capabilities, more than doubled their revenue in 6 months and became the fastest growing business on the Inc 5000 list.
  • Increased CIO, CTO and CXO engagement leads to 30% more wins for one of CIOReview’s most promising supply chain tech companies
  • Regional, mid-market 3PL put a hard-stop to Fortune 25’s RFPs that would squeeze margins, extended existing contracts after business was nearly promised to a larger national provider and expanded scope to include new ‘direct to consumer’ business without letting others to bid.
  • IT service management platform company went from “connection” to “revenue” with GoDaddy, JC Penney, British Airways, CSC, VMWare, ServiceNow, IBM, Fujitsu and others
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Here are some of the accounts that our clients have won and penetrated: