Vladimir Blagojevic Shares 17 ABM Data Sources to Leverage Throughout Your ABM Program

Long sales cycles, low win rates, low deal sizes, and limited impact on ARR, GRR and NRR. What’s causing this… Misalignment with accounts and buyers as there is a lack of customer research. There’s a lack of data so there are misaligned messages, content, interactions and experiences. In this podcast, Vladimir Blagojević, cofounder of FullFunnel.io, discusses with Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber 17+ ABM data sources that should be leverage for creating the ICP, prioritizing accounts and guiding content, messaging, GTM motions and prospect interactions.


Here Are the Key Points to Remember From This Podcast:


  • One of the key root causes for sales and marketing misalignment is that most teams have a vague and broad ICP that was not driven by ABM data and account intelligence. This vague and broad ICP is why sales and marketing teams are wasting resources, energy and dollars on accounts that have a low predictability of closing and why teams struggle to increase their ACV. By collecting the right ABM data, Personal ABM clients are seeing a minimum of 2-3X average deal sizes. One of Vlad’s clients saw a 10X increase in deal sizes where they were almost getting 7-figure wins.


  • Many GTM teams use intent data for prioritization. But they do not use enough intent data sources to get the complete story. Studies from Intentsify show that the most successful companies using intent data are using 3 or more sources of intent data. You will learn about all of the different intent data sources and why 1st party data is the most important and most reliable.


  • Many GTM teams are reacting to intent data and sharing content based on where the intent was vs. using it as a springboard and uncovering the why behind the intent. They are not collecting the data that’s needed to hypothesize what’s going on inside target accounts so you can align with the prospect’s story and vision to have a differentiated social, email and live conversation.


  • Account intelligence should guide content, messaging and interactions. During the podcast, you’ll hear how a conversational AI firm struggled with accounts like Bank of America, TD Bank and JP Morgan Chase going dark because sales and marketing were telling generic “industry” stories vs. the individual bank’s story. They didn’t align with each bank’s AI maturity, situation, challenges, gaps, and impacts.


  • How your podcast should be a source for prospect data and intelligence. We previously showed how our ABM Done Right Podcast helped us engage and win accounts like Uniphore. Click here to listen to that podcast.



Here Are the 17+ ABM Data Sources That Were Covered in This Podcast:


  • 1st party intent data
  • Review sites like G2
  • B2B media
  • Bidstream data
  • Co-op data
  • Trending data
  • Relationship info
  • Engagement info
  • Revenue analysis
  • Key account analysis
  • Customer research
  • Your own podcast
  • Firmographics
  • Technographics
  • Employee profiles
  • Account research
  • Buyer research
  • Changes and events


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