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RGL Logistics Protects and Expands P&G Account After Being Told The Business Will Most Likely Shift to Ryder

When leadership and GTM teams think about ABM, they think of top of funnel – putting new logos into the pipeline even though GTM teams struggle with accounts going dark. They think of top of funnel even though the reality is that there is a much better use of the ABM lever with existing customer accounts where you can maximize your revenue.

Within this case study, you’ll see how a regional warehouse services and technology provider used ABM to protect their P&G account that informed leadership that the business will most likely shift to a larger national provider.

How Pinion Aligned GTM Teams to Drive More High-Value Cybersecurity Wins

If KCOE ISOM (now Pinion) took a traditional ABM approach they would not have impacted revenue growth with existing accounts as sales, marketing and operations did not create a cohesive account experience. Read this case study to see where misalignments existed – and how they orchestrated a complete experience that led to more 6 and 7 figure wins.

ABM Readiness Program Shows Opportunities for DAT Freight to Increase Deal Sizes and Win More Gartner 25 Supply Chain Accounts

Read this case study to see how Personal ABM saved DAT from making a $1M mistake between investments in Demandbase, ad spend and sales /marketing/customer success inefficiencies that would have still resulted in smaller deals and DAT being seen as a “nice to have” vs. a must have. Read this case study to see their growth opportunities and how they can win more top 25 Gartner Supply Chain accounts.

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