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Featured Article: How a Personal 1:1 ABM Approach Wins with Status Quo Accounts

Most organizations are looking for scale, so they automatically tune to 1:few and 1:many ABM programs. Less than 1/3 of ABM programs have a balanced approach that includes a 1:1 ABM, where sales, marketing, and customer success teams speak directly to the human buyers in accounts they want to win, protect and expand. It’s these companies that are taking a more personal 1:1 ABM approach that are driving success when it comes to increasing deal size, improving win rates, and driving ARR, GRR, and NRR growth.

Unfortunately, 69% of ABM programs underperform because GTM teams lack the alignment they need with target accounts. They lack the relevance they need to make an emotional connection with human buyers. They lack the account intelligence that is needed to guide social, email, and live conversations

In this article, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) shares why companies need to go beyond personalization, stop taking a camouflaged 1:1 approach, and start getting personal with tier 1 strategic accounts.

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