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ABM Answered – Video Interview

Sam Hall recently invited Kristina Jaramillo (Personal ABM President) onto his ABM Answered video series.

During this interview, Kristina provides her insights into:

  • When implementing an ABM program, what do the first steps look like? What goals are important to align on? And what’s a good timeline for a pilot?
  • How can GTM teams accelerate deal velocity and unblock those accounts stuck middle of the funnel (ie. after initial contact has already been made)?
  • How can GTM teams go upmarket and increase their deal size 2X to 3X?
  • How can we improve KPI effectiveness?

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An Account-Based GTM –
Balancing 1:Many, 1:Few and 1:1

Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) joined Shaela Nelson (ABM leader at Motive) on her ABM Networking Monthly Meeting to discuss why most ABM programs seem like marketing as usual — just smarter and more targeted. He also shares how teams need to use 1: many, 1: few and 1:1 approaches to move accounts from contact to deal closure (a key challenge for most ABM programs according to recent CMO Council and Momentum ITSMA report.)

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Winning with 1:1 ABM

Personal ABM leadership (Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber) share why starting with a 1:few and 1:many program is like playing with fire (although many ABM leaders say the direct opposite. They cover how teams doing 1: few and 1: many are simply doing targeted demand gen and why they are struggling to drive stage progression as reported by CMO Council and Momentum ITSMA. 

By sharing real case studies, Kristina and Eric show the role that 1:1 ABM should play in an account-based GTM, the accounts that you should be doing 1:1 ABM with, and what is needed to deliver the right account experience with a 1:1 ABM program. 


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ABM Tech Is Not Synonymous with ABM

In this presentation for the Martech Conference which was ranked 4.3 out of 5, Kristina Jaramillo shares why 69% of ABM programs underperform when it comes to driving account-based revenue growth. For example, you will see why a channel sales technology firm consistently lost high-value deals to legacy platforms like Salesforce, why a cybersecurity firm only engages low-value deals, why the pipeline for a fintech firm went nowhere, and why accounts like Bank of America went dark for a conversational AI firm.

You will learn what you have to think about before you focus on ABM platforms, why your ABM stack is not a fit for ABM’s true purpose, how you’re leaving buyers hanging half-way through their journey, and how companies like Digizuite impacted win rates, ACV and NRR.

Click the video to watch the presentation that received comments like: “This was so helpful! I plan to share this presentation with my complete team.”

Winning Deals with 1:1 ABM Engagement

Most ABM and demand gen teams focus on 1:Few or 1:Many approaches that offer greater personalization than broad “spray and pray” campaigns and greater scalability. But, they struggle to increase pipeline velocity, deal sizes, enterprise win rates and ARR, GRR and NRR growth as they are not taking a 1:1 ABM approach to improve account experiences that move accounts to revenue. 


Within Lead 2 Pipeline’s Breaking the Funnel webinar series, Kristina Jaramillo shares what 1:1 ABM is, the role it should play in an account-based GTM and how it’s helping clients to improve its enterprise  account acquisition, retention and expansion. 


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ABM Case Study: How to Accelerate Key Accounts to Revenue with ABM

In this ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit webinar, Kristina Jaramillo shared why teams are challenged with accounts getting stuck in the pipeline. You will see how ABM should be used to capture demand across the organization with accounts that show engagement with demand gen campaigns and the account-based enablement that teams need to move accounts forward. And you will learn from an actual client case study where Kristina shows how an ITSM client created, captured, and converted demand with status quo accounts and created the revenue growth they needed to become acquired by a larger, global ITSM organization.

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Webinar with Demandbase: The Stupid Things That 66% of GTM Teams Do That Lead to ABM Under-Performance

In this webinar, Eric Gruber, Kristina Jaramillo and Demandbase’s Former VP of ABX (Beki Scarbrough) share how GTM teams are ineffectively planning, executing, measuring and optimizing their ABM programs. You will see why teams are challenged to drive stage progression and win with higher-value accounts. You’ll learn how you can influence greater revenue growth and make a business impact with your ABM program vs. just driving pipeline growth. 

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How ABM and Demand Gen Should Work Together to Drive Account-Based Engagement

As we discussed in our articles on MarketingProfs, CMO Council and others, Personal ABM finds that most ABM programs are nothing more than targeted demand gen. In this ABE Summit presentation, Kristina Jaramillo discusses how and why ABM is being confused with demand gen and the impact it has on the business. You’ll learn from real stories based on the conversations that Kristina had with CEOs, CMOs and VPs. Then, you will see how the two functions can work together and support each other as demand gen should source the pipeline and ABM should accelerate accounts to revenue.

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How to GTM and Accelerate Accounts to Revenue with ABM

All of the presentations from this summit except Kristina Jaramillo’s and one other focused on using ABM to source the pipeline, even though ABM should be about driving revenue vs. pipelines. In this presentation, you’ll learn why accounts are going dark, why sales cycles are too long, and why there’s a huge discrepancy between pipeline numbers and actual revenue. Plus you’ll learn how an ITSM firm was able to penetrate status quo CIOs and business leaders in new markets and drive wins so the firm can create the revenue growth it needed to become acquired.

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Using ABM to Win with Untouchable, Unresponsive, Disengaged Status Quo Accounts

Kristina Jaramillo goes over how ABM can help you create a revenue engine rather than a lead engine, drive the sales cycles with status quo accounts, re-engage with cold accounts that showed intent, and close “stuck” accounts.

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Why 2/3 of ABM Programs Fail

In this presentation, Kristina Jaramillo explains why go-to-market teams are unable to get the account-based engagement they need to experience greater success with ABM. You will learn about the pieces that are missing from 66% of ABMs (the ones that are under-performing.)

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Rethink Your ABM Strategies for the Next Enterprise Opportunity.

In this presentation, Kristina Jaramillo explains why go-to-market teams are unable to get the account-based engagement they need to experience greater success with ABM. You will learn about the pieces that are missing from 66% of ABMs (the ones that are under-performing.)

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Personal ABM On-Demand Training: Why 2/3 of ABM Programs Fail

Personal ABM leadership (Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber) discuss how ABM’s definition – and direction became diluted and why Terminus, Demandbase, Madison Logic, 6Sense and other platforms are not a silver bullet – and why these technologies should not be synonymous with ABM. They’ll share how marketing leaders and other ABM firms are wrong about retrofitting ABM and how GTM teams should be changing the experiences they’re delivering and their interactions.

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Webinar with Lead Forensics: How to Boost ABM Conversions

Inside this webinar with Lead Forensics, Kristina Jaramillo shares how to unlock the full potential of your ABM strategy and program. You will learn how to tailor account interactions and experiences, forge powerful alliances between your GTM teams, and measure ABM impact. The information shared is important as companies face leaner teams, higher budgets, limited resources, longer sales cycles and drops in enterprise deals.

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Account-Based Marketing Learning Path

Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber join Demandbase’s Jon Miller and other ABM experts to deliver 4 modules of instructional content with more than 4 hours of content and insights that will help you execute a sophisticated ABM program that delivers business results. You’ll see how you should be plan, create and analyze your ABM program and how it should improve communications and interactions with target accounts.

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