Kristina Jaramillo, President of Personal ABM, publicly disagreed with some of the thoughts or ideas of Refine Lab’s Chris Walker. However, she completely agrees with Chris’s recent LinkedIn post on how marketing is too defensive.

In The Quick, 5 Minute ABM Done Right Podcast Rant Above Kristina Discusses:

  • How marketing spends so much time defending their value by chasing after leads and trying to fill the pipeline to impact a small portion of the buyer’s journey. Too many organizations are focused on pipeline and marketing sourced revenue vs. how are we going to help sales and marketing teams hit the revenue numbers they need for the company to get to the next growth phase. Too many marketers are not thinking about how they can impact sales velocity, sales cycle time, stage progression, win rates, deal size, retention, and expansion.
  • How and why marketing is not taking the opportunity to innovate and how ABM is marketing as usual (just more targeted!) In the podcast below, Corrina Owens from Gong also talks about how ABM needs to be less of a demand gen function and less of a marketing as usual approach.

  • How most ABM is reactive to win over the next 90 days vs. taking the offense to drive long-term, sustainable success. In the podcast below, Kristina discusses in greater detail how ABM should impact more than your near-term pipeline.

  • How marketing teams are looking for silver bullets to defend vs. looking to ABM to solve business problems that impact revenue growth.