Free ABM Strategy and Brainstorming Session

Get on the right path to hit your revenue targets.

Now you can use Personal ABM as your “Go-to-Market GPS” to help your teams navigate a challenging sales, marketing and customer success environment and grow your business with strategic accounts. Our ABM strategy and brainstorming session is for you if your organization wants to:

  • Get the competitive advantage it needs to win in today’s market
  • Accelerate its GTM and revenue growth
  • Convert more revenue opportunities to enterprise customers
  • Shorten sales cycles and improve enterprise win rates
  • Create larger deal sizes and greater margin growth
  • Wants to grow its most valuable accounts, faster
  • Protect and expand key enterprise accounts

Personal ABM Saved DAT

“Personal ABM saved DAT Freight & Supply Chain Analytics from making a mistake that could have cost us $1M+ between investments in Demandbase, ad spend and sales/marketing/customer success inefficiencies that would still result in smaller deals and DAT being seeing as a nice to have solution, instead of a must have, which we certainly are.”

Jody Veeder | Director of Demand Gen
DAT Freight & Supply Chain Analytics

Increased Revenue

“Together, Personal ABM and I were able to provide OpenWorks with a solid ABM foundation that includes new positioning, messaging and content that supports sales and buyers. We got an ABM program that actually increased revenue with new and existing customers.”

Andrew Johnson | Former CMO

Driving $500k Wins

“Like many other tech companies engaging in ABX, we focused on the pipeline but failed to improve account-based experiences along the buying journey. By taking a more personal, intelligence-driven approach with Personal ABM, we went from accounts going cold to driving $500K wins with enterprises like Bank of America.”

Vijai Shankar | VP of Product Marketing

Free ABM Strategy and Brainstorming Session Outcomes

Expected Outcomes For Your ABM Strategy Session
Expected Outcomes For Your ABM Strategy Session

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Book Your Free ABM Strategy and Brainstorming Session

Whether you are looking to start a new ABM journey or need help with your existing ABM program, let’s talk. Take advantage of this knowledge exchange opportunity where you’ll hear how other B2B tech brands are driving revenue growth with ABM. We’ll discuss:

  • Your business goals and revenue challenges.
  • How to become part of the 33% of programs that outperform in delivering business outcomes.
  • The right way to start your ABM journey (and the steps to take) or how to optimize your existing ABM program.
  • Personal account-based GTM approaches that drive enterprise deals.
  • How to accelerate your ABM programs and scale it in a way that drive business outcomes