Get to Know Personal ABM and How We Make More Revenue Happen By Changing Your GTM

“Your sales and marketing process matters but what matters the most is how your future and existing clients feel when they engage with you.”

Kristina Jaramillo

President • Personal ABM

Personal ABM: Your Revenue Growth Partner That
Will Fix Business Issues Beyond Your Pipeline

During an ABM Done Right Podcast with Corrina Owens. Gong’s Senior ABM Manager mentioned that ABM platforms have diluted the market on what ABM is about. Their big selling point is the targeted advertising approach — and it has become the norm, where many (including so-called ABM firms) have forgotten the principles of ABM and how it needs to be hyper-personal to the account, the individual buying committees, and to the human buyers themselves.

This tech focus makes ABM all about campaigns and touches vs. creating differentiated, relevant moments, interactions and experiences that Personal ABM works with clients to create. It’s become a bunch of tactics (retargeted ads, emails, Outreach campaigns, etc.) to get accounts into the pipeline.

But it should not be about getting accounts into the pipeline.

Since 2011, Personal ABM Has Delivered Revenue Growth vs. Just More Pipeline

Personal ABM was built on the premise that marketing is not broken. Sales is not broken. Customer success is not broken. What’s broken is how the teams are going to market as a whole and how they are interacting with the human buyers in the accounts they want to win, protect and expand.

It’s why Eric Gruber (who had a successful content marketing firm) joined forced with Kristina Jaramillo (who had a LinkedIn marketing firm) to change the experiences that teams deliver via content and social, email and live interactions. By mixing their personal account-based approach with “Challenger” principles of “tailoring for relevance” and “teaching for differentiation” along with “blue ocean strategies” where you create an uncontested market space and make the competition (including the status quo) irrelevant, the Personal ABM team is able to impact more than just the pipeline. The team is impacting ARR, GRR and NRR.

Since 2011, Personal ABM Delivered Revenue Growth vs. Just More Pipeline

Supply chain firm gets largest deals ever!

Digital asset management firm increases deal sizes by 2X.

Supply chain tech firm becomes fastest growing Inc 5000 business.

Revenue management tech firm reverses “no” positions with UPS.

Communications tech firm drives 25% profit growth with existing accounts.

Startup firm displaces Oracle at Fortune 1000 accounts.

Supply chain services firm protects at-risk P&G account.

Adtech firm improves win rates with the largest QSRs despite pandemic shutdowns.

Long-term campaign-based focus on individual interactions and account experiences
Changes sales, marketing and customer success motions
Focuses on the complete buyer journey and customer lifecycle
100% tied to sales and marketing revenue growth
Measures KPIs impacting ARR, GRR and NRR
Aligns with target accounts and the human buyers as there’s 100% customer obsession
Advanced ABM strategy as team focuses on business revenue issues along the complete buyer’s journey
True 1:1 ABM across all channels as teams focus on the human buyers in key accounts
Only optimization and guidance for 1:few and 1: many programs
Sales, marketing and customer success becomes one and our account-based enablement programs connect the three functions.
Full account-based enablement services including ABM readiness programs, on-demand content services, complete account research and intelligence and working with GTM teams to move accounts forward.

ABM Firms That Are
Mostly Demand Gen

Short-term campaign based focused on quantity of interactions vs. quality
Retrofits ABM so there is no change to sales, marketing and customer success motions
Focuses on sourcing the pipeline vs. accelerating accounts to revenue and driving CLV.
Limited sales and marketing revenue impact as they influence a small portion of the buyer’s journey
Measures sales and marketing activity, pipeline, and marketing sourced revenue
More automation, less humanization and less personal relevance
Basic ABM strategy as they let tech drive the strategy vs. support it.
1:1 ABM is a camouflaged 1:few and 1: many program
Full execution on 1: few and 1: many programs
Focuses on sales and marketing alignment vs. integration and taking calculated moves as 1 team
Limited to zero account-based enablement. There’s a hand-off to sales.

Learn More About Leadership at Personal ABM

Eric Gruber – CEO

Before joining forces with Kristina, Eric led a content marketing firm since 2004 helping sales and marketing teams influence selling conversations and the internal buying conversations that his clients were not privy too.

Now, as an acting CMO for the firm’s clients when it comes to winning, protecting and expanding strategic accounts, he is applying his “Challenger” approach to improve interactions with tier 1 accounts. Under his direction, GTM teams are effectively engaging VPs and the C-suite to drive larger deal sizes, faster.

Kristina Jaramillo – President

While Eric leads the ABM strategic direction for clients, Kristina manages the execution and operations for both the Personal ABM team and our clients. Her oversight resulted in $2M wins with accounts that were previously unresponsive, 2X to 3X increases in deal sizes, up to 75% win rates with tier 1 accounts, 25% P&L growth, and greater customer lifetime value for mid-market technology and supply chain firms.

Kristina is a popular guest on webinars and podcasts and her articles can be found on top marketing websites and publications including MarketingProfs, CMO Alliance, CMO Council, G2, Crunchbase and others.

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