Get to Know Personal ABM and How We Make More Revenue Happen By Changing Your GTM

“Your sales and marketing process matters but what matters the most is how your future and existing clients feel when they engage with you.”

Kristina Jaramillo

President • Personal ABM

Personal ABM and the Agency Landscape

Seeing “ABM Services” on an Agency’s Website Does Not Mean They Can *Actually*
Support Your Needs and Drive Revenue Growth Like Personal ABM.

The smoke and mirrors show of newly formed “ABM agencies” and large conglomerate firms slapping on “ABM services” is increasing at an alarming rate…And even the agencies that are well poised to support ABM have unique niches, strengths, and capabilities.

“Spoiler: It’s nearly impossible for ABM leaders to filter out which agencies are properly equipped to support their needs.”


Davis Potter

CEO, Forge X

Through our research, we uncovered that there are 5 types of ABM firms:

Managed ABM Tech Providers – These firms are the big resellers of ABM tech like Terminus, Demandbase and 6sense. The focus is on more automation, less humanization and less personal relevance.

They retrofit ABM on top of existing processes and they allow the tech to drive the strategy vs. support it so there’s no change in GTM motions, interactions and experiences. These firms are for those that have the teams, the processes and the ability to engage, nurture, land and expand accounts, but just need the technical support. In our experience, very few have that ability!

Account-Based Demand Gen Agencies- These firms are simply doing account-based demand gen as they do not engage in programs that are hyper-personal to the account, the individual buying committees, and to the human buyers themselves.

In most cases, they only take a 1: few and 1: many ABM approach to scale ABM and source the pipeline vs. accelerating accounts to revenue and driving greater customer lifetime value. This is perfect for those GTM teams that have lower deal sizes (less than 100K ACV) and are wanting to fill the pipeline with more of the right accounts.

Bolt-On ABM Agencies – These firms are inbound marketing, digital marketing or collective marketing agencies that have jumped onto the ABM bandwagon and have added ABM to their extensive list of services.

In most cases, they do not have a true understanding of what ABM is and they are treating it as a tiering, segmentation, prioritization and targeting strategy. ABM is not their specialty and in many cases, they do not understand how to change the GTM to impact more than just pipeline growth. These firms are best for companies that are already using their services and want to dip their toes into ABM.

True ABM firms – These firms will create a more extensive ABM strategy that goes beyond demand gen and they will execute on 1:1, 1: few and 1: many ABM programs. However, while these firms will provide sales playbooks, they cater to marketing.

They focus more on enterprises where sales and marketing teams are so far apart that marketing has no idea what happens with the accounts once it’s passed to sales. The ABM programs have limited impact across the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.

 Account-Based GTM firms – This is the category where Personal ABM fits as we focus on the complete account experience from open to close and beyond and offer account-based enablement.

Personal ABM helps marketing, sales, and customer success teams have the right buyer interactions and deliver the right account experiences to accounts that can bring the greatest revenue growth in the short and long term. Account-based GTM firms like Personal ABM are for those companies that want to change how they GTM, how their teams engage future and existing clients, how they communicate their value props and how they win, protect and expand accounts together.

“By enabling my teams to change the interactions they were having and the experiences they were delivering, PersonalABM helped us drive 100%+ growth in expansion ARR – and significantly increase the profitability with our Fortune 500 clients like Pepsi and Sephora.”

Royce D'Souza

President & CEO, Ascension Logistics

Why Tech Firms and SaaS Companies Choose Personal ABM

Our SaaS and tech clients that cover AI, CX, Contact Center, ITSM, Supply Chain Tech and Sales/Marketing platforms come to Personal ABM because they want a new GTM operating model that will allow their teams to win, protect and expand more enterprise accounts. Instead of just building pipelines, they want to stop accounts from going dark. They want to displace competitors. They want to go upmarket. They want higher value deals faster. They want greater customer growth.

Our clients want a firm that will make their ABM program personal to their business and complete a win/loss evaluation to understand where change is needed – and not use a blanket framework. They want a firm that recognizes that ABM tech isn’t a solution without front-loading it with the right strategy – as tech-driven ABM programs scale the wrong processes, interactions and experiences. They want a firm that focuses on the complete account experience from open to close to account expansion utilizing 1: many, 1: few and 1:1 ABM programs.

And, they want to enable their teams with the right account intelligence, the right content to support selling and internal buying conversations, account-specific messaging and account-specific conversation support so teams can have effective “why change”, “why now”, “why you”, “why stay”, “why evolve”, “why expand conversations.”

Personal ABM was built on the premise that marketing is not broken. Sales is not broken. Customer success is not broken. What’s broken is how the teams are going to market as a whole and how they are interacting with the human buyers in the accounts they want to win, protect and expand. By changing GTM interactions and account experiences, our clients have improved enterprise win rates by 100%, increased deal sizes by 2X, reversed “no” positions with Fortune 50 accounts like UPS, protected at-risk accounts, changed buying behavior to create margin growth and captured greater account wallet share.

“Personal ABM helped my team at Apptricity become more relevant to the industries we were targeting, to our named accounts and to the human buyers within those accounts. As a result, we were able to drive our largest wins. This is why when I became CMO at Winnow, one of my first moves was to hire Personal ABM again. Now, as CEO of HCare Health, I’ll be hiring Personal ABM for the third time. ”

Roger Sanford

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Since 2011, Personal ABM Delivered Revenue Growth for Clients – Not Just Pipeline

Supply chain and asset management firm gets largest deals ever with enterprises like Verizon

Digital asset management firm gets 55% increase in new logo ARR. 114% growth in expansion ARR, 200% improvement in win rates and 2X greater deal sizes.

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Drives $500,000 deals sizes with enterprise accounts like Bank of America that previously went dark after initial engagement with Demandbase campaigns

Changed their account-value prop and the account experience to reverse “no” positions and drive wins with UPS

 Unified communications tech firm drives 25% more profit growth with existing accounts and drives higher-value wins in new markets.

Startup supply chain management and order management tech firm displaces legacy platforms like Oracle at Fortune 1000 accounts like GE Healthcare

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Supply chain analytics firm saves $1M and creates higher value wins with enterprises on the Gartner Top 25 Supply Chain list.

Facility management firm stops the QoQ and YoY revenue misses and puts the foundation in place to reach $1B in marketshare.

Learn More About Leadership at Personal ABM

Eric Gruber – CEO

Before joining forces with Kristina, Eric led a content marketing firm since 2004 helping sales and marketing teams influence selling conversations and the internal buying conversations that his clients were not privy too.

Now, as an acting CMO for the firm’s clients when it comes to winning, protecting and expanding strategic accounts, he is applying his “Challenger” approach to improve interactions with tier 1 accounts. Under his direction, GTM teams are effectively engaging VPs and the C-suite to drive larger deal sizes, faster.

Kristina Jaramillo – President

While Eric leads the ABM strategic direction for clients, Kristina manages the execution and operations for both the Personal ABM team and our clients. Her oversight resulted in $2M wins with accounts that were previously unresponsive, 2X to 3X increases in deal sizes, up to 75% win rates with tier 1 accounts, 25% P&L growth, and greater customer lifetime value for mid-market technology and supply chain firms.

Kristina is a popular guest on webinars and podcasts and her articles can be found on top marketing websites and publications including MarketingProfs, CMO Alliance, CMO Council, G2, Crunchbase and others.

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