Here’s the Personal ABM Difference in a Nutshell

Traditional Marketing

Traditional sales and marketing speaks to industries with a 1:Many approach.

There’s no personalization and relevance.

Personal ABM

Speaks 1:1 with the people inside the accounts that are unresponsive.

Relevant at the company, rank, personal and customer levels.

Most ABM Programs

Most sales and marketing teams & firms taking an account-based approach speak at accounts with a 1:Few approach.

There is no personal relevance.

Our clients win, protect and expand accounts because of the personalization and relevance with each social, email and live conversation. It’s the personal connection with the human buyers that shifts hearts, minds and wallets with the 60% of the market that’s stuck in the status quo. This is how supply chain and technology clients are creating $2M closes, protecting at-risk accounts, growing margins, reversing “no” and “later” positions and expanding market share within accounts, territories and departments.

How Else is Personal ABM Different?

Traditional Sales & Marketing vs. Personal ABM

Traditional Personal ABM
Focuses on leads, appointments, awareness and activity metrics. Focuses on revenue and key leadership, sales, marketing and account team objectives.
No influence over revenue. Most programs are broken up into stages – and progression is based on meeting revenue objectives.
Drives one-to-many conversations. Drives 1-to-1 personal engagement with social, email and live selling conversations.
Content is designed to drive interest with the masses and to demonstrate thought leadership. Content is designed for sales cycles and individual selling conversations first.
Hand-offs exist between sales, marketing and accounts as the teams are siloed. No hand-offs. Sales, marketing and account teams collaborate to drive joint team growth objectives.
Focuses on the top-of-the-funnel. Drives sales cycles to the close — and continues after the close to achieve customer/partner growth.

How We Evolved into a Personal ABM Approach

In 2011, our LinkedIn marketing firm was born because we believed marketing should be accountable for more than just leads and brand awareness. But traditional marketing that speaks to everyone cannot influence revenue as they fail to support sales cycles and customer conversations. This is why sales teams close less than 50% of what they forecasted and why CSO Insights reports that the inability to communicate a competitive differentiation is the most impactful barrier to achieving success. The challenge is that the competitive differentiation and “promised” unique value must be relevant as value for one account and one person is different for another.

We understood that if we armed leadership, sales, marketing and account teams with the right profiles, content, messaging and personal insights, that we would create real conversations that lead to pipeline and revenue growth rather than wasted time, effort and money. It’s why from the beginning we focused on the key objectives of sales, marketing and account management teams and the accounts they wanted to win And, it’s why we focus solely on revenue and these KPIs that directly or indirectly impact revenue:

  • Relationship and sales cycle progression at the account, rank and individual levels to see exactly how effective a strategy is, and how it can be improved.

  • Percentage of key stakeholders moved from ’unknown’ to ‘known’ to ‘engaged’.

  • How sentiment has changed with key accounts (prospective and existing).

  • Our clients’ sales pipelines including sales volume, win rates, share of wallet, velocity, account retention, margin growth, and account expansion.

  • How your communications changed the prospect/customer relationship.

Our personal approach to sales and marketing combined with our knowledge of complex, enterprise sales and its multiple nuances, enabled us to help startup tech firms create sales cycles with accounts like GE Healthcare (which would typically be untouchable) to replace Oracle Trade and Order Management systems. Because our clients understood that LinkedIn is only the tool that we execute on – and that it’s our commercial and personal insight-driven approach that drives revenue quicker with key named accounts, they pushed us to shift their communications across all channels. They wanted us to align their website, social, email and live conversations with the individual account engagement strategies of individual account teams rather than being “a line of best fit” across large volumes of accounts.They wanted to win, protect and expand the accounts with the greatest revenue growth and become a “party of 1” rather than compete for accounts with minimal margin growth. This is why we evolved to become Personal ABM and is now scaling account-based sales and marketing throughout supply chain and technology organizations.

Here’s the Personal ABM Team That Will Help You Win More

I’m Eric Gruber – CEO of Personal ABM and I’m the Force Behind Your Revenue Engine

In 2004, while most firms focused on content for SEO, I started a content marketing firm that focused on making an emotional connection with the buyers within specific accounts, reframing their thoughts and ideas and creating the business case for change. While everyone else focused on the limited market that is open to buying, my clients, took a challenger approach and saw 50%+ greater 3-year revenue growth by focusing on status quo accounts. During this time, I saw the way social media changed the way sales leaders network – and the potential that mixing LinkedIn with content can have on sales. I saw how it can increase marketing’s influence over revenue.

So, when I had the opportunity to join forces with Kristina Jaramillo and develop a process for revenue generation rather than lead generation, I jumped on it. Leading the sales and marketing strategy, our technology and supply chain clients have put a hard-stop to Fortune 25 RFPs, reversed “no” and “later” positions with enterprises like UPS, and have created more marketing-influenced revenue than all other marketing initiatives combined.

I’m Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) & It’s My Execution on LinkedIn That Leads to More Sales Cycles & Wins.

I have a reputation for building strategic social programs that drive sales cycles and revenue. In fact, I’m featured in LinkedIn’s own “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn” and my articles can be found on these sites: Forbes. MarketingProfs,, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine. CMO Magazine, CMO Council and many others. And, I’m a key instructor for MarketingProfs ABM courses.

While Eric is responsible for the strategy and the team’s content developers, I manage the execution. Through my focus on building personal relationships with 1-to-1 communications that speak to specific decision makers and influencers, my team builds top to bottom engagement, relationships, and trust with previously untouchable enterprises. I learned in a relationship is the most critical factor for buyers. It is paramount to ROI, price, and strategic counsel. How we communicate your ‘personal business story’ and ‘unique relevant value’ determines whether prospects will trust you enough to connect and advance a relationship. It’s through these personal communications that my team reversed “no” positions, saved accounts and created wins with accounts that were unresponsive to sales and marketing messaging for 5+ years.

Along with Eric and Kristina, our team consists of:

  • A market expert in your industry. If we do not have someone within your specific industry that will shorten our learning curve, we will find appropriate partners. For example, in the healthcare technology space we have partnered with a sales leader who has 20+ years of experience in the elderly care tech space. For our client targeting QSRs, we partnered with 2 former regional operation VPs at Taco Bell who understand the needs of corporate franchisors and their franchisees. We also partnered with a marketing leader at franchisees like Taco Bell, Dairy Queen and others.
  • Professional “marketing for sales” writers that have been trained to follow a “Challenger” approach that enables value-based conversations.

  • A complete research team whose sole responsibility is to find relevant contacts and personal insights that our account-based marketing team can use.

  • An experienced marketing team to execute on the strategies created by Eric and Kristina. These are professional marketers with 5 to 10+ years of experience in B2B. We understand that our clients brand is in our hands and we cannot risk brand damage with a campaigned, fill-in-the-blank approach that is completed by outsourced teams.

  • Personal sales trainers to ensure that live selling conversations are consistent with the website, social and email conversation.