Stop Accounts from Going Dark with Our
“Accelerating Accounts to Revenue” ABM Webinar Featuring:

Kristina Jaramillo



Vin Turk

COO & Co-Founder


Eric Gruber


Why Are We Having This ABM Webinar with Madison Logic?

ABM is about getting accounts to revenue, faster at a higher ACV. But, many GTM teams using Madison Logic, Demandbase, Terminus and other ABM technologies are not seeing maximum returns from their ABM tech and intent data investments as accounts are going dark after initial engagement.

Building a strong pipeline is not enough as many teams report 8-10%+ drops in enterprise deals and reports from DCM Insights show that 40-60% of pipeline opportunities will result in a no-decision. We need greater stage progression, accelerated sales cycle, and stronger enterprise win rates. This is why Personal ABM is co-hosting this webinar with Madison Logic, which is part of the ABM Growth Virtual Event series that is focused on changing your ABM mindset, measurement and execution so GTM teams can win, protect and expand key, tier 1 strategic accounts.

Here Are Some of the Companies That
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What You Will Learn

Sign Up for Our ABM Webinar on “Accelerating Accounts to Revenue” and Learn….

  • NThe key reasons why accounts (new and existing) are going dark – and how to stop accounts from getting stuck, becoming indecisive, disengaging or looking for another vendor.
  • NPersonal account-based “Challenger” sales and marketing approaches that will help GTM teams go from radio silence to “Yes”, a signed deal and an expanded contract.
  • NHow a revenue management tech firm reversed “no” positions with Fortune 50 enterprises like UPS.
  • NWhat sales, marketing and customer success teams can do to breakthrough buyer resistance because buyers do not see your relevancy and how you differentiate, they didn’t align with your buying vision, they lacked a sense of urgency, their priorities shifted, or they see too much risk.
  • NWhat sales and marketing teams can do to get hesitant buyers to engage and move forward.
  • NWays sales, marketing and customer success teams can influence the internal buying conversations that they are not privy to.
  • NHow to enable sales, marketing and customer success teams to re-engage accounts that go dark – and how we should be enabling GTM teams so accounts do not go dark in the first place.

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