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Give Your GTM Teams Answers to Questions That Will Help
Them Win, Protect and Expand Key Enterprise Accounts

Why Change?
Why Now?
Why You?
Why Stay & Expand

What is your point of view about the prospect’s business?

When selling to enterprises, you must come to every social, email and live conversation with a point of view about their business.

What are the top-down strategic priorities that your teams need to align with?

You want to know the top strategic priorities that will trickle down to every department across the business.

How do you need to change the thoughts and ideas of your key prospects?

Unless you create an a-ha moment, there is a good chance that your prospect will stay stuck in status quo. Before you can sell change, you need to reframe your prospects’ thoughts and ideas. And, you need to open their mind to new ways.

What are the business and market conditions?

You need to create the buying vision and show “why” the time to act is now and how your solution will give the prospect the competitive advantage they are looking for.

What is the business case for change?

Where are the operational, financial, service and customer risks and what is the impact across the organization. GTM teams need to go beyond persona pain points to drive urgency, build consensus and win larger deals.

What are the strong-fit use cases?

Each sales and marketing interaction should be intentional. You need to understand the unique role you can play in your prospects’ strategic priorities – and the specific use cases you can support. While your competitors discuss generic benefits, you can show the specific impact you can have on your prospects’ organizations.

How do you align with the prospect’s value-driven vision for the future?

Rather than react to predefined needs which automatically results in lower deal sizes, you can partner with target accounts to map out a solution that will support BOTH current and future needs.

What relevant proof of success do you have?

You need to uncover the stories that need to be told in content and messaging so you can make an emotional connection with the human buyers.

How well do your customer success and sales team know the impact that your solutions had on existing accounts?

In most cases, there is no differentiation between a sales conversation and a retention conversation as customer success teams are discussing the same generic benefits, just in past tense. They do not have the insights they need to keep VPs and the C-suite engaged and to show them the ROI at the time of renewal.

Are your solution and communications aligned with the strategic roadmaps of your existing accounts?

If you want your key tier 1 enterprise accounts to stay and evolve their programs so you can increase your customer lifetime value, then you need to evolve with them and align your solutions and communications with their changing priorities and value-driven future vision.

Where are there growth opportunities?

You need to pinpoint where there are opportunities to expand within different regions and business units, why there are opportunities and how you can have the same impact in these new growth areas.

Knowledge is Power in Account-Based
Sales and Marketing

The more you know about your enterprise prospect, the more prepared you are to align your solutions with their unique business challenges. Most go-to-market teams lack account-based insights so teams fall back on “persona” messaging, generalized pain points, and product messaging. They continue to tell “everyone’s story” in content, messaging and in live conversations even though a key Challenger element is to increase your relevance across all levels.
With our account intelligence, your go-to-market teams will know what their future and existing customers are focused on as those strategic initiatives for the business will trickle down to every department across the organization. They’ll be able to clearly show key decision makers the role they can play in the prospect’s strategic initiatives and the impact they will have so they are not just another item on the prospect’s list of things to do eventually.

Give Your GTM Teams What They Need to Articulate Unique Value For Every Key Enterprise Prospect

To market and sell to key enterprises, you need to differentiate beyond your product. You need to differentiate your content, messaging, conversations and interactions to create an urgency and an untouched opportunity that others are ignoring. From must-know details on your enterprise account to conversation starters and prospecting advice, our custom built account profiles include strategies and business goals that matter most to your prospect, so you can determine how your solution fits in to their business challenges.

Personal ABM’s research team breaks down your enterprise through the lens of your company.

Account profiles are tailored 100% to your enterprise accounts, ideal personas, areas for potential alignment and gaps your solution can fill.

Insights to deliver unique ABM content, messaging and nurturing programs that are relevant at the industry, company, persona, individual and customer levels.

Uncover strategic priorities and key challenges, gaps and impacts to weave into your ABM programs to influence selling and internal conversations.

Become an expert on the headwinds and challenges facing your prospect – and how your solution will unique help your prospects reach their business vision.

See the most relevant stakeholders, key decision makers and influencers for your solutions across all lines of business and align your messaging with their top priorities.

Perfect for account planning, QBRs, or to baseline your ABM programs with highly customized enterprise account intelligence.

Why Personal ABM for Manual Account Research

Assembling a custom ABM account profile is a methodical, time-consuming process that requires an expert who knows how to find, interpret and package relevant insights in a way that marketing, sales and customer success teams can effectively and efficiently use it to win, protect and expand accounts. With our personalized, 1:1 human-based research, your sales and marketing team can build better ABM content and messaging and get the attention of your top-tier accounts.

Most off-the-shelf services are too generic for ABM and doing your own account research takes valuable time away from strategic selling activities. Time that field marketers, ABM practitioners and sales teams do not have to create deep-dive profiles on global enterprise prospects.

Land Bigger Deals Faster

Save 10 – 20.5
hours per account

Minimize the time your team spends on non-sales and marketing activities

Get a 360-degree view
of target accounts

Stop having new and existing accounts go dark. Help your team,s have more valuable conversations that drive stage progression, ARR, GRR and NRR.

2X – 3X
Higher ACV

Help your team increase deal sizes by aligning with strategic priorities vs. departmental pain points.

 Whether you are looking to start a new ABM journey or need help with your existing ABM program, let’s talk. Take advantage of this knowledge exchange opportunity where you’ll hear how other B2B tech brands are driving revenue growth with ABM. We’ll discuss:

  • NYour business goals and revenue challenges.
  • NPersonal account-based GTM approaches that drive enterprise deals.
  • NHow to accelerate your ABM programs and scale it in a way that drive business outcomes.
  • NWhat a custom 1:1 ABM account intelligence and account profiling program can look like for your organization.

We will also provide you with a sample 1:1 ABM profile for one of your target accounts so you see exactly what you’d be investing in BEFORE making any purchasing decisions.