Activating Intent Data: Solving the #1 Challenge GTM Teams Have with Intent Data and ABM

Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM), David Crane (VP of Marketing at Intentsify), and Eric Belcher (CRO at Intentsify) discuss the biggest challenge that 2/3 of organizations have after investing in Bombora, 6Sense, and other intent data platforms.

This challenge is…  how we can activate and leverage the data to connect with tier 1, in-market accounts — and close them.

The conversation starts with the data you should be paying attention to…

For example, the Intentsify platform gets 50+ billion intent signals per month, and 4.2M identified in-market accounts per month. So there’s lots of intent data for sales and marketing leaders to act on. You will learn how all intent data should not be treated equally, what we should be acting on and how we should be selecting in-market accounts to target.

The conversation then moves to…

How, where, and why intent data falls short of expectations – and how intent data is your springboard. You’ll learn how sales and marketing teams ineffectively use intent data and how we can make the data more actionable.

After listening to the ABM Done Right Podcast with Eric Gruber and Intentsify…

You will want to read Kristina Jaramillo’s article on the Intentsify blog on improving rates of return on your intent data and ABM investments. You will learn why B2B sales and marketing teams are challenged to create a strategy for intent’s use, measure its impact, convert data into insights and effectively act on intent insights. You’ll see how you should revise intent-driven processes for ABM and what your GTM team should do differently.



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