About Kristina Jaramillo

Using her unique LinkedIn lead-to-revenue marketing approach since 2011, LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo has been helping sales and marketing leaders at Fortune 1000 organizations, small-to-medium sized enterprises and professional service firms get more marketing qualified leads and revenue opportunities using LinkedIn.

Marketing Enables Price-Based vs. Value-Based Sales Conversations

I learned that leadership wants sales to have value-based conversations to close 6 and 7 figure enterprise deals and they complain that sales continues to have price-based conversations. However, I believe that sales are not the only ones at fault. Leadership direction and marketing are enabling the price-based conversation which led to [...]


Personal Account Based Marketing is Needed for Marketing to Increase Their Influence Over Revenue Growth

Sales VPs tell us they want greater sales support to improve close rates and leadership tells us that they want “Marketing” to increase their influence over revenue. However, traditional “lead-based systems” and social, email and other marketing campaigns make it challenging for marketing to be held accountable for anything more than driving leads. Most [...]


Account-Based Sales and Marketing Alignment Leads to Wins with GoDaddy and ServiceNow

While covering Sumerian (a UK ITSM Analytics SaaS company), 451 Research indicated that our client will have to break out of its finance niche category if it wants to be an international player. Our client needed to quickly create demand for a new product in a new category into the market: Capacity Planning [...]


Oracle, SAP & JDA Partners Need a Stronger, Differentiated Selling Conversation to Win More

I recently had a conversation with an Account Director responsible for new market and existing customer growth for an Oracle Supply Chain and ERP partner that has offices throughout the US, Asia and UK. I learned that the firm Experiences 12 to 18 month sales cycle on enterprise accounts with most efforts leading [...]


Schneider Logistics Avoids RFPs and Drives Wins with Vizio

The supply chain leader at one of the top flat-screen TV manufacturers, which is also America’s #1 sound bar company, was considering their options for a managed TMS solution. As part of their buying process, they contacted Schneider and their top 5 competitors to compare features, benefits, costs, and ROI. Traditionally, RFP’s had [...]


Personal Account-Based Support Is Needed to Shorten Supply Chain Sales Cycles With Buyers Pulling Sales

It’s not just a Sales Cycle, it’s a Buyers Journey… but who’s in control? The roles have now reversed. Long sales cycles, small margins, and high turnover are common challenges for  supply chain sales people who ‘push’ their prospects into next steps. If we’re having to push the client to move them through [...]


Supply Chain Sales Leaders Need a Profile Makeover As Their Profiles Do Not Support Sales Conversations or Sales Sycles

Strategic supply chain clients buy from Consultative Experts, not brands. Supply chain buyers want to speak to consultants who will provide them with industry insights and create opportunities for them to streamline and grow their business. That’s why the top performing salespeople in every field have a personal brand instead of relying on the [...]