Dana Alvarenga (Top 25 CS Strategist & VP of CX at SlapFive) Shares How to Capture Customer Stories for ABM

Many GTM teams will come to Personal ABM looking for help with their pipeline but when we take a deeper look at their business, we find that the greatest revenue opportunity is with existing accounts as customer success teams are not having the right interactions nor delivering the right experiences to protect and expand the revenue they do have. Or, they do not have the right customer stories to change buying behavior to drive stronger profitability.

On this ABM Done Right Podcast episode, Dana Alvarenga (a 2023 Top 25 Customer Success Strategist and VP of Customer Experience at SlapFive: Customer Marketing) joined Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM to discuss the role of customer marketing in ABM. They also shared how to capture the right customer stories for the why stay, why evolve, and why expand conversations.


Here Are the Key Learnings From This ABM and Customer Marketing Podcast with Kristina Jaramillo and Dana Alvarenga:


  • One of the biggest gaps is that many customer success and customer marketing teams are still acting as if the customer journey is linear – and each team is going on its own path in this journey. A linear journey has a start and an end – but you want to protect and expand accounts. You want them to continue, stay and evolve with you so we need to take a flywheel approach to customer success and customer marketing and have the stories to support the ongoing journey.


  • Many customer success and customer marketing teams are taking a random, piecemeal approach that is focused on the user vs. the client’s strategic initiatives. This was a key issue at Slap Five and they are looking to evolve their post-sale interactions to go beyond the product and focus on outcomes they can have across GTM teams to increase their stickiness and the value that can be delivered. They are now focusing on the engagement they need to have at different levels across sales, marketing, customer success, product and other GTM teams in order to have the greatest impact on their customers strategic initiatives and as a result increase GRR and NRR. And, they are focused on the relevant stories that need to be told along their journey.


  • Most customer success stories (case studies) do not influence retention and expansion conversations nor support selling conversations with new accounts. They are brief overviews that do not support selling, retention or expansion conversations. They discuss the challenge but do not focus on “why” there were challenges, where the gaps were and what the impact was. They discuss the solution and what they did – but they do not discuss “why” they took the approach they did, how it’s different from the approach that many others would take, the gaps in the other approaches and how they were able to help the customer achieve expected outcomes with their strategic priorities. They discuss generic benefits vs. the impact across the organization. Teams are failing to capture the complete customer story as the case studies are about the logo and not the customer and their complete experience.


Click the Image Below to See How Capturing the Customer Story Shaped Helped Ascension Logistics  Drive Greater Margins.

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