How PathFactory Changed Their Content to Support ABM, the Buyer Journey and Sales

During this podcast, Cassandra Jowett (Senior Director, Marketing at Path Factory) discussed with Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM):

  • How content consumption changed
  • Where friction in the buying journey exists – and the content shifts PathFactory needed to make
  • How PathFactory is evolving to support ABM, sales, and the complete buying journey

A Related ABM Resource to Read After Listening to the Podcast Above with Cassandra Jowett

In his article, “How Your B2B Content Programs Can Better Support ABM Throughout The Complete Buyer’s Journey” on the PathFactory blog,  Eric shares how most content does not support ABM. It does not support sales in driving conversations and sales cycles with accounts that are stuck in the status quo or in the funnel. It does not support account management and customer teams in their efforts to reduce churn, improve margin growth and increase customer lifetime value through account expansion. And, in most cases, the content is disjointed.  It does not lead prospects to the next step once the top-of-funnel campaigns get buyers excited about the ideas that the company holds so dear. As a result, buyers are feeling around in the dark.

You will see how you can leverage content and lay out the path to revenue for 4 different buyer journeys:

  • Intent and engaged: Your target accounts showed intent, and they are engaging with you.
  • Intent but unengaged: Your target accounts showed intent, but they either did not engage with your company, or they stopped engaging.
  • No intent, unengaged: Your target accounts do not show any signs of intent as they are part of the 60% of the market that is stuck in status quo.
  • Existing customers: Your target accounts are existing customers that can provide you with the greatest revenue growth potential if you can retain and expand them.

Click here to read “How Your B2B Content Programs Can Better Support ABM Throughout The Complete Buyer’s Journey.”


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