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Join Personal ABM & Hushly for This Improving the State of ABM Webinar:

How to Overcome the Challenges That Lie Ahead for ABM in 2023 for Cybersecurity Firms and Others in a Crowded, Undifferentiated Market

Why We’re Having This Webinar – State of ABM Findings…

Account-based marketing and selling became a must for cybersecurity firms and others looking to drive higher value deals in an undifferentiated, crowded market. In fact, 92% of B2B marketers have some kind of ABM strategy or program in place as companies dove into ABM tech and other platforms that promised a path to greater growth with more focus and partnership with sales leaders. However, ITSMA, Tech Target and others report that only 17% have a mature program and 69% of ABM programs under-perform when it comes to revenue growth.

GTM teams are building pipelines with ABM but….

  • NAccounts go dark after initial engagement – Teams are challenged with driving stage progression
  • NSales cycle time with tier 1 enterprises are not accelerating - They’re still way too long
  • NDeal sizes aren’t increasing when it should be 2X-3X with ABM accounts
  • NToo many accounts are at-risk as ABM isn’t being used to protect high-value accounts
  • NLimited impact on NRR as ABM is only being used for the pipeline

This “Improving the State of ABM” Webinar for
Cybersecurity Firms and Others Will Feature:

Eric Gruber


James Kessinger

James Kessinger


Kristina Jaramillo


Get Ahead of the Curve in Driving Account-Based Revenue Growth

In this “Improving the State of ABM” webinar, James, Kristina and Eric will share:

  • NWhat’s working and what’s not working including the ABM fundamentals that were missed as cybersecurity marketers and others rushed into ABM.
  • NHow mature ABM organizations are going beyond pipeline growth to impact ARR, GRR and NRR.
  • NWhy zero trust, MDR, XDR, cloud security companies are challenged with getting high-value accounts to revenue – and the changes that all ABM organizations can make despite their industry.
  • NHow teams can protect and expand high-value accounts, which is a key organizational priority for 2023 according to Integrate studies.
  • NHow teams should double or even triple their ACVs with ABM.
  • NEssential tech, tools, content, and processes that are needed to create the account-based experiences that new and existing customers are looking for.

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