Success Story: Go-to-Market Sales Enablement Firm Gains 2 Opportunities Worth Up to $150K Each Success Story: Go-to-Market Sales Enablement Firm Gains 2 Opportunities Worth Up to $150K Each

FutureSight –  a go-to-market sales and revenue enablement firm that focuses on tying messaging, positioning, content, ROI selling tools and other resources to increased sales performance and disruptive revenue generation from what already exists in the pipeline – recently gained two sales opportunities worth up to $150,000 each. Below you’ll find information about the sales opportunities and the role LinkedIn marketing and the right content played.

Opportunity 1

A transportation consultant was looking to partner with a local sales/strategy firm to help a government agency improve their business transit pass sales support. The consultant would prime the job and provide sector subject matter expertise while the partnering firm would provide analysis of the current market/sales process and provide a go-to-market strategy that would result in increased sales. Paulo Nunes-Ueno, the transportation consultant, reached out to his connections for “partner” recommendations and one of those connections was a previous client of FutureSight – so Bruce Scheer (the firm’s president) gained a strong recommendation.

But Paulo gained recommendations from a number of other resources. So, instead of just setting up a call, to discuss capabilities and the services that can be provided, we reached out on to Paulo on behalf of Bruce and invited him to connect and join his LinkedIn community where Paulo can learn more about his untraditional Go-to-Market approach. When Paulo connected (which was almost immediately), we shared with him Bruce’s posts on how most go-to-market programs are not prepared for launch as they:

  • Push out thought leadership content (webinars, white papers and other demand gen and sales enablement content) without tying it to a big idea theme that resonates with target buyers.
  •  Don’t even have predictable insights on their buyers to increase market penetration with the right people. The results are squandered growth opportunities and millions of dollars plowed into “misfires.”
  • Do not have the right content (that’s validated by customers, analysts and the sales team), tools and messaging before they go-to-market and how this is resulting in squandered growth opportunities and millions of dollars plowed into “misfires”.

We shared posts that show how sales are out of sync with buyers and how the blame (and opportunity) should center on the marketing function before it’s even time to go to market – and most importantly, how FutureSight can help sales and marketing make the value connection with buyers. The content gave reasons for a new approach – a reason to change. We taught to differentiate by showing how the FutureSight approach is different than most sales enablement firms that focus right away on the content that needs to be created and why the firm is driving greater results for companies like CSC and others.

The content we shared on LinkedIn with Paulo 1-on-1 and the discussions inside the FutureSight Go-to-Market Sales and Revenue Enablement Group built Paulo’s confidence in Bruce as a great consultant to partner with. More importantly, it allowed Bruce and Paulo to have a higher level conversation about Bruce’s approach and how it can work with the client instead of having a low level “get to know you” conversation and it’s why FutureSight became the partner of choice for the potential government agency project. Paulo literally pulled content from one of Bruce’s articles to shape his proposal.

This short-term project (3 to 4 months) can be worth up to $150,000

Opportunity 2

MediaPro – a learning services company that specializes in the areas of information security, data privacy, compliance, and custom online courseware with clients found in almost every industry, which includes Fortune 500 brands, SMB’s, and government entities – is in the middle of going through a huge growth spurt (78% growth in the sales team in the past year and they need to reposition their firm to focus on the value clients receive and what prospects want. After reading Bruce Scheer’s article, “Studies Show B2B Sales Reps Are Out of Sync With Buyers . . . and I Say It’s Not the Sales Team’s Fault”, Steve Conrad (Managing Director for MediaPro) reached out to Bruce:

Steve conrad message screen shot

You see, with his content, Bruce challenged the approach that MediaPro was taking with their messaging and positioning – without even talking about MediaPro specifically. The Managing Director saw a need – and so did the Director of Marketing who has seen FutureSight’s work in the past. Even though there was a need, the Marketing Director wasn’t putting the messaging and positioning work as a priority. He was focused on getting content together and then dealing with the sales messaging and side of the business (the traditional way of going to market). After the phone meeting, we sent him content on LinkedIn that shows how the traditional approach of focusing on content first is dysfunctional and invited him to join the FutureSight LinkedIn community where he’ll find discussions that challenge the Marketing Director’s thoughts. Through the content:

  • We challenged the traditional approach that MediaPro was taking.
  • Reframed the issue and introduced a new perspective that connects challenges to a bigger problem and an opportunity that MediaPro’s Director of Marketing didn’t realize.
  • We laid out the business case supported by reports from companies like Sirius Decisions that showed how taking a new approach will get them to higher revenues quicker and how it will prove a sales and marketing cost savings in the long run.
  • We made an emotional impact with client stories we knew that the prospect would see themselves in the stories we told.
  • Demonstrated a new way to get buy-in on the approach that FutureSight would like to take
  • Showed how FutureSight’s solution is better able than any other go-to-market consultant and any other sales enablement firm to equip MediaPro to act differently.

As a result, priorities have been shifted and FutureSight and MediaPro will be discussing at the end of March 2017, in greater detail working together. This contract which can include positioning and messaging work, sales playbooks, ROI and value selling tools and sales enablement content can be worth more between $125,000 to $150,000.

If your content is not helping prospects and potential partners gain trust in you – and if it’s not driving change like FutureSight’s content, then you need to schedule a free social content strategy session with Eric Gruber – Chief Social Content Officer.

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