Want to know how to use personalized account-based marketing (ABM) to win new clients as well as protect and expand existing accounts?

On this podcast, we interviewed Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber of Personal ABM. They share their story of how they shifted away from a content management agency into an AMB agency by creating their company ‘Personal ABM’.

They share how they moved from “One-To-Many” marketing to a much more personalized form of marketing because while One-To-Many might drive awareness, it’s too impersonal to move hearts and minds.

Kristina and Eric both work with supply chain & tech marketers to add a personal account layer that enables them to influence revenue with new business & account expansion.

By shifting profiles, content, and messaging for specific accounts and conversations related to account-specific gaps and impacts, they have helped their clients have reversed “no” positions.

They have created a turnaround for accounts like P&G that were provided notice that their commitment with a distributor would most likely end and that the business would most likely go to a national competitor.

They have also created $2M sales cycles for a client with accounts that were unresponsive for 5+ years.

On this episode, they share personal account-based approaches that help to align sales, marketing, and customer experience teams and drive million-dollar wins for their clients.