How BombBomb Rehumanizes Sales and Marketing with Videos and ABM

Sales and marketing have dehumanized their processes and have dehumanized their social, email, and live conversations with human buyers. In the ABM Done Right Podcast below, Ethan Beute (Chief Evangelist at BombBomb) and Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) discuss how it’s time to be more intentional and conscious about how we are reaching out to partners, customers and prospects.

Here Are the Key Learnings From the Podcast with Guest Expert Ethan Beute:


  • Teams are forgetting the most important part of the customer experience, which is how you make people feel. Teams are missing emotional resonance by looking at CX from a mechanical perspective. They’re not looking at how they feel about the sales rep, the team, and how they feel about the business problem and growth opportunity that started the relationship in the first place. Tiffani Bova once mentioned “What your sales and marketing process looks like is important? How you sell is important? But how you make prospects and customers feel when they engage with you is even more important.” If we can think about how we’re making people feel in the moments that matter, we can drive motivation, behavior, stage progression and revenue.


  • Sales and marketing are failing to make a connection with the human buyers as prospects and customers are being treated as a number as teams focus on more interactions vs. better interactions. We need to stop accepting that “more” is what it takes to drive revenue growth. If you have the right interactions with the right people, you will get stronger revenue growth than the scaling approach that most teams are taking. By wanting “more” leadership is actually limiting their revenue growth.


  • We need to be truly bespoke with our content and nurturing for tier 1 accounts that can provide the greatest revenue growth as buyers need to see themselves in the stories that are being told. Buyers also need to feel that they are seen, heard, understood, validated, appreciated. They need to see that we’re paying attention to the struggling moments that sit at the center of every deal that are waiting to be listened to, understood, catered to, solved, and reframed.


  • Not enough GTM teams are clear enough with their ICP and there is a lack of prioritizing their ICP. They are treating everyone as a 2.5 instead of having a tier 1, 2 and 3 and putting the appropriate time, attention and resources into the accounts that can deliver the greatest revenue growth.


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  • Ethan’s book – Human-Centered Communication – where you’ll learn the path to human-centricity and how to stay personal and make an emotional connection with buyers.

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