How to Make Every Sales and Marketing Interaction with Buyers Impactful

Because B2B buyers only spend 17% of their time with buyers when they are considering a purchase, every interaction must be impactful. Andy Paul, Host of RingDNA’s Sales Enablement Podcast (930+ episodes) joined Eric Gruber on the ABM Done Right Podcast to discuss how sales and marketing teams are limiting revenue growth with their volume plays. They also talk about the key lessons Andy learned from 930+ episodes with sales and marketing leaders like Dan Pink, Tiffani Bova, Jeffrey Gitomer and Personal ABM President (Kristina Jaramillo).

Here Are the Key Points from This ABM Done Right Podcast with Guest Expert Andy Paul

  • Sales and marketing teams are disproportionately investing their time, energy, and resources at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. We need more time on the interactions we’re having once we capture interest.
  • Sales and marketing are misaligned with buyers, which is leading to low win rates.
  • Mindset shifts need to happen if sales and marketing want to have more meaningful interactions and deliver more memorable, valuable experiences across the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.
  • Sales and marketing should be earning selling time with buyers.

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