Improve Your Linkedin Profile By Turning It Into a Marketing Tool That’s Driven By Case Studies

Improve Your Linkedin Profile By Turning It Into a Marketing Tool That’s Driven By Case Studies

case studies imageA recent study from a 50,000 member strong marketing community on LinkedIn showed that 88% of B2B Marketers cite case studies as the most effective form content marketing. Yet, 9 out of 10 LinkedIn profiles of business leaders and sales, marketing and business development executives’ profiles do not incorporate case studies.

Their LinkedIn profiles are nothing more than a cover letter and resume. Now, to help you create a LinkedIn profile that’s case study driven so you can demonstrate your expertise and relevance, let me showcase the profiles of 3 business leaders.

How the CEO of Wider Funnel Uses Case Studies to Drive Prospects Back to His Website

Chris Goward (CEO of Wider Funnel –  one of the most respected website conversion optimization firms in the world) uses the project section of his LinkedIn profile to drive prospects back to his website to learn more. For example, here are some of the projects:

  • Enterprise Conversion Optimization Strategy and Deployment for Iron Mountain – Here he describes how his firm began with a 45% lift on the first test for Iron Mountain and then a 404% boost and then another 44%, 38% and 49% conversion rate increases. The project title links directly to the case study on WiderFunnel’s website where prospects can learn more about their website conversion optimization programs.
  • B2B Paid Search Landing Page Optimization Lifts Lead Gen Software Downloads for SAP by 32.5% – Within this project he describes how SAP, a B-to-B software company with strict branding guidelines, redesigned their key landing pages while sticking to their internal graphical restrictions. Prospects who want to see how Chris and his team helped SAP get 32.5% more downloads, can click on the project title where they were automatically taken to the complete case study on WiderFunnel’s website.

How the Vice President of MPi Used Case Studies on His LinkedIn Profile to Connect with Decision Makers & Have Them Sign Up For His Webinars

Randy Kobat, (VP of Strategic Initiatives for MPi – a software company that helps car dealers sell more cars from the service drive) had a profile that showed prospects that his top priority is to sell them. Instead of discussing how he can help car dealerships, he discussed his sales achievements. So right away, he put his prospects (key decision makers) on guard.

To make his profile case study driven so GMs, service managers and sales managers can see Randy’s value we:

  • Changed his profile headline from VP of Strategic Inititatives (so what?) to Car Dealers: See How I Helped Kelly Nissan Sell 25 Additional Cars Per Month From Their Service Drive. This headline eludes to the fact there is a case study inside the profile that Randy’s targeted audiences can learn from.
  • Created positions like: “Car Sales Lead Generation Expert Doubles Sales Out of Bulldog Kia’s Service Drive.” Inside this position, we explained the challenges Bulldog Kia was experiencing and more importantly “WHY” they were unable to sell more from their service drive. We then explained a different process which MPi’s software technology supports that helped Bulldog Kia sell 25 additional cars per month from the service drive.

Watch this profile makeover video to see additional ways that we turned Randy’s LinkedIn profile into a case-study driven marketing tool.

How Stratavant’s CEO Showed His “Value” Using Case Studies on His LinkedIn Profile

Stratavant (a B2B value selling firm) provides organizations like Honeywell, Nuance, Avaya, IBM, SAP and with easy-to-use, highly visual ROI and value selling tools and supporting marketing programs and consulting. Even though the firm focuses on “proving your value” in order to drive demand, capture leads and close more deals, faster – Darrin Fleming (the firm’s CEO and Managing Director) failed to show his “value” to prospects on his LinkedIn profile.

Now when you look at Darrin’s profile, you’ll see his personal story. The clients he helps stands out – and is not lost in the rest of the text. And, most importantly, he’s demonstrating results with case studies throughout his LinkedIn profile. For example, you’ll see:

  • In the project section, you’ll learn how he created an assessment tool that converts 10% more prospects into highly qualified leads for Halogen and how he helped Tribue, an ERP Vendor, get their prospects to make a decision on the spot. As we tell prospects in the project title to “Click Here for the Complete Story,” Darrin is driving prospects back to his website and blog just like Chris Goward
  • In the experience section, you’ll find positions like:  “ROI & Value Selling Tools Expert Helps Forbes 100 Sales Teams Close Millions of Dollars in Sales” and “ROI Selling Expert Increases Website Engagement & Extends Site Time by 5 Minutes for Global Firms” which includes supporting case study content.

Now, there’s no question in the value Darrin Fleming and his firm, Stratavant, provides. See the profile makeover we completed for Darrin here.

To see how you can create a case study driven profile like we did for MPi and Stratavant, watch our LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training webinar or sign up for a Free LinkedIn Profile Strategy session


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Using her unique LinkedIn lead-to-revenue marketing approach since 2011, LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo has been helping sales and marketing leaders at Fortune 1000 organizations, small-to-medium sized enterprises and professional service firms get more marketing qualified leads and revenue opportunities using LinkedIn.

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