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Join Us For This Webinar on Improving the State of Buyer Experiences Across All Sales and Marketing Touchpoints

Learn how GTM teams can meet buyers where they are at every step of the journey and accelerate the path to revenue with data-driven, personal experiences.

Why We’re Having This Webinar on Improving the Buyer Experience

92% of B2B marketers have some kind of ABM strategy or program in place as companies dove into ABM tech and other platforms that promised a path to greater growth with more focus and partnership with sales leaders. However, ITSMA, Tech Target and others report that only 17% have a mature stage 4 program and 69% of ABM programs under-perform when it comes to revenue growth.

Most GTM teams are still trying to build the foundation. Unfortunately, even though we live in the experience era, GTM teams are creating disconnected experiences, wasting sales and marketing dollars and creating an anemic sales pipeline that goes dark after engagement. They’re not thinking about how they make their future AND existing customers feel with each interaction and each touchpoint along the journey and lifecycle.

Dynamic Buyer Experience Maturity Model

This “Improving the State of Buyer Experiences” Webinar Features:

Eric Gruber


James Kessinger

Etai Beck

CEO & Co-founder

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Kristina Jaramillo


Get Ahead of the Curve with Driving Account-Based Revenue Through Improved Buyer Experiences

In this “improving the state of buyer experiences” webinar, Etai, Eric and Kristina will share:

  • NHow sales, marketing and customer success teams need to rethink how GTM teams work together to architect a compelling buyer’s journey and create the right experience across all touchpoints (digital, social, email and live!)
  • NWays to solve the top 3 challenges that GTM teams have today – understanding the buyer’s changing needs and requirements, engaging buyers at the right time with the right message and becoming personally relevant.
  • NThe new journey centric GTM model that should be led by the front line marketer and how this model should support the entire lead to revenue process.
  • NPractical approaches to building a dynamic, nonlinear customer journey and how we should be maturing ABM over time.
  • NThe experiences that GTM teams need to deliver to create, capture, expand, accelerate and close demand to drive higher value revenue wins.
  • NHow we should build more meaningful, intentional relationships where we make personal team-to-team connections with the human buyers at the accounts we want to win and grow.

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