LinkedIn Profile Quiz – Is Your Linked Profile Missing These Credibility Elements?

LinkedIn Profile Quiz – Is Your Linked Profile Missing These Credibility Elements?

If you are looking to build connections, create relationships, generate leads, build your list and increase your sales then you need to think as a marketer. And, one thing a good marketer focuses on is adding credibility because people buy from people they trust.

That’s why I invite you to take the quiz below to find out what credibility elements you are missing – plus find out why you must include each element.

LinkedIn Quiz Question 1: Does Your LinkedIn Profile Have a Large Number of Recommendations That Quantify Results?

Testimonials are one of the most power tools to market yourself and your business.  According to marketing guru Dan Kennedy, “What others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1000% more convincing than what you say, even if you are 1000% more eloquent.” Now, to have maximum impact, your testimonials need to present specific outcomes to your prospects. Before you ask for recommendations, I suggest you watch this Perfect Testimonial Formula video by Derek Halpern from

LinkedIn Quiz Question 2: Do You Have Articles Featured On Your Profile?

If you provide highly valuable information instead of the same old regurgitated content that everyone else gives, then your articles will provide an amazing, quick sneak preview into the wealth of knowledge you have to offer. Your articles alone can sell your products and services. Your articles alone can convince prospects to connect with you. So, you need to feature articles on your LinkedIn profile. You can do this in a couple different ways:

  • Use the new LinkedIn content platform – Be careful when posting content using the new LinkedIn content platform. Do not use this as another place to put your blog posts. All content that you add to this new platform should be positioning pieces.
  • Add it to the publications section – When you look at Darren Fleming’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice that we talk about his blog posts in the publication section – and the title is an active link to the blog post.
  • Upload articles that support your summary and experience

Now, start having your prospects thinking that if you are willing to give valuable information away for free, what type of information you will provide when they purchase your services.

LinkedIn Quiz Question #3: Are You Using the New Publications Application to Feature Your Work?

If you are already submitting articles to top websites, ezines and blogs – then you can use the new publications application to feature your awesome placements. You can also use this new application to feature special reports that you developed and send people to your squeeze page. And, you can showcase your books and ebooks using this application. When people see that you have special reports, ebooks and books, it will boost your credibility plus help you build your list and increase sales. This helped WebAttract President Mike Agron get more downloads of his ebooks, fact sheets and other corporate assets.

LinkedIn Quiz Question #4: Do You Have a Speaking Profile – Meaning Are You Adding Videos?

A video puts a face to the name and connects you further with your potential clients.  A friendly face and confident voice can go far in proving that you are an expert in your field.  The video will show people exactly how you do what you do. And, if you are an a speaker looking to connect with meeting planners and book more speaking engagements you should be placing sneak preview videos of you engaging with audiences on your profile. Make meeting planners and prospects want to connect with you.

Click here to see an example of an interactive LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Quiz Question #5: Does Your Profile Show Quantified Results?

In your summary, are you just talking about who you are and what your company does? In your experience section, does it sound like a resume that’s filled with job descriptions. Or are you adding copy that shows prospects what you can do for them here and now.Are you adding, “what’s in it for me?”

If you are not supplying actual, specific results of your work to potential clients why would they even want to work with you?  By showing what you have to offer people are more willing to learn more about what you and your business can offer them.  Results give you the credibility that you need when navigating LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Question #6: Are You Showcasing Media Mentions?

If the media thinks you are an expert and worthy of publishing your materials or quoting you – then your prospects will think the same thing. That’s why one of the headlines I like to use for my profile is: “See Why Professional Service Firms & B2B Organizations Use This NY Times Recognized LinkedIn Expert Featured on Forbes.”

When you look at my LinkedIn profile, you will also notice:

  • In my summary, I mention – “Now, my LinkedIn marketing firm ( and I are NOT affiliated with LinkedIn. I am not certified by LinkedIn. However,LinkedIn does recognize me as an expert as I’m featured in their new ebook: The Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn. The media including the NY Times, Forbes, MarketingProfs, Website Magazine also think of me as a LinkedIn marketing expert.
  • In the publications section, I make mention of my articles on Forbes, MarketingProfs and Website Magazine – and have active links to these articles
  • In the experience section, I have a position that’s dedicated, plus you will notice that I have a presentation that features where I have been published, featured and quoted.

Take a look at my profile now – and if you’re not connected with me already, please invite me to connect.

LinkedIn Question #7: Are You Showcasing Case Studies?

When you look at the LinkedIn profile for Jimena Cortes, you’ll notice case studies like how she built a Neiman Marcus jewelry designer’s community to 45,000 in 9 months. She explains to her readers “WHY” her client only had 614 Facebook fans  and “WHY”, even though the client was posting multiple times a day, there was zero engagement and zero sales coming from their social media efforts. From there Jimena discusses the strategy she implemented for the client. Watch this LinkedIn profile makeover video to see how we gave Jimena instant credibility which helped her gain a 36,o00 a year client.

In Darrin Fleming’s LinkedIn profile, we use the project section to showcase his case studies. For example, you’ll find a quick synopsis teaser that discusses how Stratavant created an assessment tool that converts 10% more prospects into highly qualified leads. The project title is an active link to the case study that’s found on the Stratavant website. So we’re funneling prospects back to his website.

To see what else you should be doing on your LinkedIn profile, sign up for our Free LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training Webinar, check out these LinkedIn profile makeover videos and schedule a Free LinkedIn Profile Strategy Session.



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