Kristina Jaramillo Says No to LinkedIn Lead Goals

Kristina Jaramillo Says No to LinkedIn Lead Goals

In recent articles, Get LinkedIn Help’s Chief LinkedIn Strategist Kristina Jaramillo discussed how lead goals and “cost-per-lead” are creating a false sense of LinkedIn success or failure. In this short 5 to 7 minute podcast, Kristina mentions that focusing on lead goals has sales and marketing leaders focused on the top of the funnel, instead of seeing it through to the end result — real revenue! This can be why 99% of leads do not convert (according to Forrester Research.)

Listen to the quick podcast below – then sign up for our webinar with Kristina Jaramillo and LinkedIn’s tech industry expert Mike Weir discusses how to earn leads on LinkedIn that turn to revenue.

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About the Author:

Using her unique LinkedIn lead-to-revenue marketing approach since 2011, LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo has been helping sales and marketing leaders at Fortune 1000 organizations, small-to-medium sized enterprises and professional service firms get more marketing qualified leads and revenue opportunities using LinkedIn.

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