See How Our Supply Chain & Tech Clients Win and Expand Accounts Using a Personal ABM Approach

See How Our Supply Chain & Tech Clients Win and Expand Accounts Using a Personal ABM Approach 2019-02-07T20:44:02+00:00 Success Story: Go-to-Market Sales Enablement Firm Gains 2 Opportunities Worth Up to $150K Each

FutureSight -  a go-to-market sales and revenue enablement firm that focuses on tying messaging, positioning, content, ROI selling tools and other resources to increased sales performance and disruptive revenue generation from what already exists in the pipeline - recently gained two sales opportunities worth up to $150,000 each. Below you'll find information about the sales opportunities and the role LinkedIn marketing and the right content played. Opportunity 1 A transportation consultant was looking to partner [...]

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Schneider’s New Business Development Director Increases Connection Conversions by 400% and Increases Outbound Email Response Rate

Clients will often ask us, "What's the ROI of getting a LinkedIn profile makeover?"  Now, in many cases, the profile makeover itself will not drive revenue opportunities (although there are exceptions like Single Point of Contact - click here to read the case study.) Building a strong LinkedIn profile that communicates business value to prospects is only the first step to socially selling your way to more clients and revenue on LinkedIn - it's the [...]

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Messages That Matter Gains a New $10,000 to $15,000 Client Because of His LinkedIn Profile and Social Content

During a recent weekly client call, Lawson Abinanti (President of Messages That Matter - a B2B software and technology positioning and messaging consulting firm) mentioned that he recently gained a new client with a project that will be worth $10,000 to $15,000 in additional revenue when it's completed. That's on top of the $60,000 that he attributes to our ongoing LinkedIn efforts. This new client, a leader in the design and architecture of interactive multimedia learning [...]

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Trust drives the buying process as trust is the foundation for all human connections (including the social media environment!) But, sales, marketing and business leaders are forgetting that on LinkedIn and they are eroding trust by talking about the same generic benefits as everyone else or making claims without backing it up with stories. We must stake a claim on our profiles and provide credible proof that the claims are true if we want key [...]

By | Client Success Story: ROI Selling Technology Firm President Now Communicates “Business Vale” and Gains New Clients

Like most of our clients, Darrin Fleming (President of Stratavant - an ROI Selling Technology Firm) was relying on his years of experience as a differentiator. If you listened to our "profile differentiation podcast, you learned that years of experience is not a differentiator. Darrin's profile was also more of a cover letter and resume - than a sales and marketing tool as he did not show B2B buyers that he understands their specific business [...]

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Managed Service Provider (Single Point of Contact) Attacts a Large Real Estate Management Company After Profile Makeover

Fernando VP at Single Point of Contact, was finding it a great challenge to connect with key decision makers at a large, local real estate management company and have them wanting to learn more. His previous connection invites, inmails and other communications were ignored. Why? Because his LinkedIn profile was written like a resume and cover letter which showcased his skills and work history. But IT buyers don’t care about that! His profile didn’t provide [...]

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