LinkedIn Profile Makeover Help – How 5 Professional Service Firm Leaders Command Their Prospects’ Attention on LinkedIn and Keep It

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Help – How 5 Professional Service Firm Leaders Command Their Prospects’ Attention on LinkedIn and Keep It

It’s easy for prospects, potential referral sources and the media to bypass your profile or click off of it and go on to your competitors. You have a short window of opportunity to grab prospects’, potential referral sources’ and the media’s attention and keep their focus.  In fact, you have less than 90 seconds to help them decide if they want to read and learn more about you and your firm or bypass your profile or click off of it and go to your competitors. Below, I’m providing you with a glimpse of how five professional service firm leaders command attention on LinkedIn and keep it.

The Instant Credibility Elements That Has Stratavant’s Prospects Wanting More

When you look at Darrin Fleming’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice that his headline reads different than most professional service firm leaders. It reads: Value & ROI Selling Expert That Honeywell, Avaya & Others Have Relied On For the Last 10 Years! By adding big name clients and the fact that he has longstanding relationships with them, we provided Darrin with instant credibility. It makes prospects want to read his LinkedIn profile and see how he has helped these companies and why they keep coming back.

We then reel prospects in with Darren’s personal story that’s found in his LinkedIn profile. We show how Darrin has first-hand experience, with the challenges of homegrown value-selling tools, which make it hard for key decision makers to quickly understand and visualize the business case. So, we’re providing the “why” he is so passionate about creating easy-to-use, highly visual ROI and value selling tools and calculators that Honeywell, Nuance, Avaya, IBM, SAP can use. From there, we discuss the results his clients are achieving like how his clients are:

  • Extending site time by 5 minutes
  • Closing millions of dollars in incremental sales
  • Converting 10% more prospects into highly qualified leads

Now, as you scroll down, you’ll find that he describes the case studies that they created for Halogen and an ERP vendor. The project title is a direct link to the case study on Stratavant’s website and blog, so they are now funneling prospects to their website. In the experience section, we demonstrate Darrin’s relevance. For example, you’ll find content if you’re having challenges selling new solutions that is more expensive than the status quo or if you’re looking to increase cross-sell revenue or if you’re looking to increase website engagement. The content we have created in Darrin’s experience section is case-study driven. So we are demonstrating his relevance at the same time we build on the credibility that he has gained from other sections of his profile.

Watch Darrin’s “before” and “after” LinkedIn profile makeover for more information

How Help My Website Sell Founder Adam Hommey’s LinkedIn Profile Stands Out and Impress His Targeted Audience Fast 

Adam Hommey’s website conversion consulting firm focuses on internet marketers who are Dan Kennedy Style marketers who would feel a gravitational pull toward this headline: “This Website Consultant Offers 20 Hours of FREE Audio and Video Training on How to Make Websites Sell..Details Inside”

Now, inside his profile he discusses his free offering as Adam is looking for more opt-ins. But, at the same time, you’ll find result-driven content that builds his credibility and gives you a reason to want to give Adam your contact information.

For example, in the experience section he discusses how he has achieved results like:

  •  Increasing leads by 20% in 30 days for professional service firms
  • Increasing an ecommerce store’s sales by 65% after 80% of the strategies Adam discussed during a website review on video were implemented
  • Helping web designers and marketing consultants give clients $10 back for every dollar they spend

Watch this LinkedIn profile makeover video to see how Adam Hommey stands out

How WebAttract CEO Mike Agron is Attracting More LinkedIn Profile Views – And More Importantly – More Downloads of His Ebook and Other Corporate Assets

As Mike Agron, President and CEO of WebAttract states in his testimonial, “Although my LinkedIn profile was originally crafted with lots of content, it wasn’t getting any real traction for finding new prospects to become my clients as it was boring. As Kristina showed me, my profile was written like a resume which showcased my skills and work history. The problem is, like most resumes, they all look alike, some better than others, but they did not provide a forum to tell my own unique story of what I have accomplished for my clients, and more importantly, what I can do to help someone who is looking for my expertise, not my job history.”

Now, when you take a look at Mike Agron’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll see:

  • A strong LinkedIn profile headline – Case Studies Inside: See Why AutoTrader(software), Bosch, Emerging Orgs & Pubs Hire This Webinar Demand Generation Expert. By adding the phrase “case studies inside”, he is getting more profile views and connections as we are letting his targeted audience know that Mike is providing the exact type of information they are looking for. We are also using big company names to gain relevance.
  •  Multiple funnels to the WebAttract website and landing pages – You’ll notice in the projects section we discuss Mike’s free ebook, Webinar Ready, which was co-sponsored by GoToWebinar and we discuss his WebAttract Video Channel. Inside the publications section, you’ll find descriptions for his multiple ebooks. The project titles and the publication titles are all active links to the WebAttract website and landing pages. So Mike is commanding attention and keeping it by providing decision makers with value.
  • Case study based content inside the experience section – For example, you’ll find positions like: B2B Webinar Strategist Helps Emerging Firm Mercer International Close a 7 Figure Deal and  Former Oracle & Apple Executive Now Helps Global Brands Like Bosch Generate Demand Using Webinars. Inside the different positions. you’ll learn h 15% to 20% of the people who registered for the GE-Intel CareInnovations webinar is now engaged with the sales team.

See the profile makeover video for Mike Agron

How Wizard Media Uses Case Studies to Attract, Educate and Sell to Prospects on LinkedIn

Wizard Media President Jimena Cortes recently gained a potential $36,000 per year opportunity. Before even joining her LinkedIn group and seeing the discussions and content that Jimena regularly provides, a prospect was sold on her services based on the information in her LinkedIn profile.

When you look at Jimena’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll see:

  • Underneath her picture, you’ll see where she is featured. You’ll find logos for big name publication like FOX, Wall Street Journal and Forbes
  • A LinkedIn profile headline that speaks to the results her targeted audience is looking for. The headline reads: Lead Generation Expert Builds FB Communities with 45K Fans,Gets Clients Found on Google & Offers ROI of 300%
  • A LinkedIn summary that shares her story and discusses results like how she  increased Travelsmart’s revenues by more than $500,000 in its first year!
  • In the experience section, you’ll see case studies like  how she helped build a Neiman Marcus Jewelry designer’s community to 45K in 9 months and how she  helped AddsPro double subscribers to 20,000 per week

See the profile makeover video to see how we positioned Jimena Cortes and Wizard Media

How This LinkedIn Marketing Expert is Gaining the Attention of Decision Makers at Professional Service Firms, Technology Companies and SMEs

When you review my profile (Kristina Jaramillo), you will notice that I instantly grab your attention as I let you know that I am a New York Times recognized social media expert who’s been featured on (something that differentiates me from other social media and LinkedIn experts.) In my profile summary, I let you know that I am not affiliated with LinkedIn but the company does recognize me as a LinkedIn expert as they featured me in their new ebook for sophisticated marketers. (You can see the interview here)

In my summary I also discuss results my firm is achieving like:

=> Reduction in sales conversion time from 9 months to 39 days for the professional service firm
=> 20% increase in webinar registrants for MPi
=> 400% ROI for the international consulting firm – AccelerateHer
=> Delivering more qualified leads than email, PPC advertising and local media programs for a tech company that serves 86% of the Fortune 100

And, I make myself stand out from other social media and LinkedIn marketing firms as I share how most firms focus on brand maintenance activities instead of putting together a cohesive lead generation strategy.

From there, I provide an overwhelmingly amount of value through content that I have created. For example, you’ll find descriptions and links to my articles on Forbes, MarketingProfs, Profit Magazine and Website Magazine as well as an interview with LinkedIn’s senior content marketing manager. 

You see, I’m capturing your attention and keeping it by providing you with so much value that you want more.

Your Next Steps…

Take a look at the LinkedIn profile makeover videos linked throughout this article. See how they stand out from other professional service firms. Then, sign up for my Free LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training webinar, where we go into greater detail on how to turn your profile into a complete sales and marketing tool. Click here to sign up for our free LinkedIn profile makeover webinar  and click here to Get started with a Free LinkedIn Profile Planning session




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