LinkedIn Profile Strategy – An Inside Look at 3 Top Consultants’ LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Profile Strategy – An Inside Look at 3 Top Consultants’ LinkedIn Profiles

Like many small-to-medium sized business owners, sales and marketing executives and other business leaders — consultants are treating their LinkedIn profiles like a resume instead of a marketing tool. In fact, consultants for Reach Local (one of the largest international consulting organizations with over 22,000 active clients and counting in 68 different locations throughout the world) have LinkedIn profiles that are very basic. They lack content to entice others to connect and work with them.

If you look at a few of the profiles of top executives at Reach Local you will see a resume-based profile. The company website has a host of video testimonials from clients, awards, achievement and results listed but this content is not shared or depicted within their profiles. These executives and their consultants are missing a key opportunity to showcase the great results they have achieved for their clients. You can click here to see the mistakes Reach Local management and their consultants are making

It’s time to change your mindset on how you approach your LinkedIn profile. Before you start putting information on your LinkedIn profile, you need a strategy. Let’s look at the strategy behind some of my top consulting clients’ profiles.

CEO of International Consulting Firm for Women Business Owners Gains a 400% ROI with her LinkedIn marketing efforts

Zee Worstell gained a 400% return on her investment because her LinkedIn profile information,  blog content and LinkedIn discussions resonated with her targeted audience. There was an emotional connection because of the stories Zee shared in her profile and in her articles that she shared in the different groups. In fact, when Zee spoke to prospects from LinkedIn on the phone, they mentioned that it felt like Zee was speaking directly to them on LinkedIn.

For example, in Zee’s LinkedIn profile summary, she shares her professional story and the reason behind the creation of her international pricing consulting firm. She describes how she went from having the “lowest” prices in the recruiting industry (her previous career) to being the “highest” paid recruiter.  She talks about her lack of confidence and how it led to her undervaluing her. And, she shares that even clients undervalued her work as they were not respecting her. And, prospects were questioning her low prices and ran away scared that her services were not as high quality as her higher priced competitors.  Zee shared how she was in same position as her clients, that she understands their situation and that she has a viable solution.

The goal was to make an emotional connection so prospects will want to talk to Zee so she can sell them on her consulting programs.  Watch this video to see how Zee gained a 400% ROI

Workplace Communication Expert Attracts CEOs, COOs and HR Executives at Companies with Revenues Between 5 Million & 50 Million Dollars

To attract CEOs, COOs and HR executives at companies with revenues between 5 million and 50 million dollars, we changed Skip Weisman’s LinkedIn profile headline to “Client Admits Losing 5 Million Dollars Because of Poor Workplace Communication! Could You Be Making the Same Mistakes?” – If you were to read that headline, wouldn’t you want to open up the profile behind it?

After we grabbed the attention of Skip’s target audience, we kept their attention by showing Skip’s thought leadership. For example, in Skip’s profile summary we:

  • Share his story and how he spent 20-years creating high-performing, high-morale work environments for 5 different minor league baseball franchises, including one that he built from scratch to a 3 million dollar business.
  • Discuss the 5 million dollar mistake that Skip’s client made and how discovered the problem and fixed it.
  • Showcase results like how he helped a 132 year old insurance agency go from $750,000 in commission revenue to over 1 million dollars in commission by engaging their employees in a more effective manner.
  • Provide thought leadership presentations like “Why 44% of Today’s Leaders Are Unhappy With Their Employees Performance”

Watch Skip’s profile makeover video to see the other LinkedIn profile elements that we added to make him stand out and attract more CEOs, COOs and top HR executives.

Sales Trainer and Consultant Ron Karr Shows VP of Sales and Sales Directors Why They Need to Connect with Him

Right from the start, we tell prospects why they need to connect with Ron Karr as his headline reads: “This Business Development Expert is Credited For Over ½ a Billion $$$ in Increased Sales.”

From there in his summary, Ron speaks directly to his targeted audience and tells them:

“In today’s market, you have three choices:

1. You Can Lead – Establish a leadership role in your own life by taking full responsibility for your own outcomes and by having an attitude of complete accountability.

2. You Can Sell – Use your leadership role in your sales career to build alliances that establish zones of strategic mutual benefit for you and others.

3. You Can Get Out of the Way – Make room for another competitor who is willing to connect with me and follow my advice so they can lead and sell.

As, you own, manage or work for a company that already has a respectable product or service, I want to help you build your sales career and empower you to make deals that produce outcomes that are so powerful that stakeholders cannot afford to shut them down.”

Now, his targeted audience does NOT want that third option – so they’ll want to continue to read to see how Ron can help them. So we have their attention. From there, we’re giving prospects more reasons to connect by discussing results like how he has spearheaded organizational turnarounds and repositioned key accounts including one that resulted in a 10 year $200 million contract.

Watch this LinkedIn profile makeover video to see how we’re giving prospects reasons to connect with Ron Karr.

Now, take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Did you create it with a strategy in mind? If not, click here to schedule a Free LinkedIn Profile Planning Strategy Session.



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Using her unique LinkedIn lead-to-revenue marketing approach since 2011, LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo has been helping sales and marketing leaders at Fortune 1000 organizations, small-to-medium sized enterprises and professional service firms get more marketing qualified leads and revenue opportunities using LinkedIn.

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