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What You Can Expect from ABM Growth Live

ABM Growth Live is a virtual event series that is focused on changing your ABM mindset, measurement and execution so GTM teams can win, protect and expand key, tier 1 strategic accounts. With each event, the leadership team at Personal ABM will dive deep into new topics. In many cases, the team will be joined by other leaders in the sales, marketing and RevOps space that are in the trenches everyday overcoming the revenue challenges you face. There will be round table discussions, debates and live audience interactions.

The Next ABM Growth Live Event Will Feature:

Eric Gruber – CEO

Personal ABM

Kristina Jaramillo – President

Personal ABM

Bill Butler – CEO


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“ Orchestrating a Relevant Account-Based CX with the Right Sales Conversation Content”

While teams are creating “personalized” content landing pages and digital sales rooms with platforms like JourneyDXP, they continue to struggle with accounts going dark after initial engagement. GTM teams are missing the personal relevance that’s needed to influence the internal conversation, build a consensus and accelerate accounts to revenue. In this webinar, Bill Butler, Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber will discuss:

  • NWhy most content doesn’t support ABM or selling conversations
  • NHow the content experience you provide will impact the selling conversation, the retention conversation and the expansion conversation. You’ll learn why a supply chain data analytics company was seen as a “nice to have” vs a “must have” and how this impacted enterprise win rates and their ACV.
  • NHow teams doing a personalized 1:1 ABM program are simply doing a camouflaged 1: few and 1: many program and why this led to accounts going dark for a conversational AI firm.
  • NHow teams are missing the purpose of digital sales rooms and why they are failing to influence the internal conversation and build a consensus that moves deals forward.
  • NThe content that will support “why change”, “why now”, “why you”, “why stay”, “why evolve” and “why expand” selling and customer success conversations. You will see how you can use digital sales rooms and the right content after the deal is closed to drive retention and expansion revenue growth.
  • NHow an ITSM firm accelerated accounts to revenue and how an IT services firm drove margin growth and account expansion with Sephora with the right content experience across the buying journey and customer lifecycle.

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