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What You Can Expect from ABM Growth Live

ABM Growth Live is a virtual event series that is focused on changing your ABM mindset, measurement and execution so GTM teams can win, protect and expand key, tier 1 strategic accounts. With each event, the leadership team at Personal ABM will dive deep into new topics. In many cases, the team will be joined by other leaders in the sales, marketing and RevOps space that are in the trenches everyday overcoming the revenue challenges you face. There will be round table discussions, debates and live audience interactions.

The Next ABM Growth Live Event Will Feature:

Eric Gruber – CEO

Personal ABM

Vladimir Blagojević – Co-founder


Davis Potter – Global ABM


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“Leveraging 17+ Sources of Data and Account Intelligence for Greater ABM Success”

B2B buyers demand that sales and marketing teams have a greater understanding of their business landscape, their company and their needs. But most GTM teams do not orchestrate interactions and experiences that are specific and relevant to each individual account and to the human buyers within those accounts. In this webinar Eric Gruber, Vladimir Blagojević and Davis Potter will share:  

  • N17 sources of data and account intelligence that should be guiding your ABM development, account selection and prioritization, content, messaging, GTM motions and interactions .
  • NHow to make the data actionable and how to leverage it to supercharge Account-Based Everything - marketing, sales and customer success).
  • NThe data and intelligence you should prioritize for 1:1. 1: few and 1: many ABM programs – and the insights that will help you win, protect and expand the 20% of accounts that can deliver 80% of your revenue growth.
  • NHow a conversational AI firm was losing opportunities with Bank of America, JP Morgan and TD Bank because their ABM programs were driven by industry intel vs. account intelligence.
  • NWays to use data and account intelligence to drive greater GRR and NRR with the 70% of accounts that are indifferent or actively looking to replace a vendor.

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