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What You Can Expect from ABM Growth Live

ABM Growth Live is a virtual event series that is focused on changing your ABM mindset, measurement and execution so GTM teams can win, protect and expand key, tier 1 strategic accounts. With each event, the leadership team at Personal ABM will dive deep into new topics. In many cases, the team will be joined by other leaders in the sales, marketing and RevOps space that are in the trenches everyday overcoming the revenue challenges you face. There will be round table discussions, debates and live audience interactions.

The Next ABM Growth Live Event Will Feature:

Eric Gruber – CEO

Personal ABM

Kristina Jaramillo – President

Personal ABM

Nikole Rose – Managing Partner

Gravity Global

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“ABM Misunderstood – Breaking the Misconceptions That Lead to ABM Under-Performance”

On the ABM Done Right Podcast, Mark Stouse, CEO of Proof Analytics, once mentioned that there is a near-total misunderstanding about the purpose and focus of a great ABM effort. And, Nikole Rose from Gravity Global mentioned that ABM is the 3 most misunderstood letters in the alphabet – alongside ABX. In this webinar, Kristina, Eric and Nikole will break the misconceptions that are leading to 69% of ABM programs to under-perform. You’ll learn:

  • NABM cannot be retrofitted despite what many marketers think – and what many agencies will tell you. You’ll see the change management that MUST be done before you start or scale your ABM program as ABM is not a quick fix.
  • NABM is not synonymous with ABM tech and it’s not a paid media strategy despite what Terminus, Demandbase, and other ABM tech platforms would like you to believe.
  • NHow most teams are just doing targeted demand gen and DM on steroids vs. ABM and why it’s leading to accounts going dark.
  • NWhy ABM should not be used to generate leads or pipeline and why ABM can have the greatest impact at the middle and bottom of the funnel and after the close.
  • NWhy ABM is not really about accounts – it’s about the human buyers in the accounts you want to win, protect and expand and how teams can take a people-first approach.
  • NHow most ABM programs do not align with company objectives – and how teams can more effectively measure ABM.

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