Making Marketing Accountable for Revenue

Within this podcast episode, Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber have a conversation with Deanna Ransom (Former Global Head of Marketing & Marketing Services for Televerde and current President/Executive Director of Women in Revenue) on how marketing organizations need to be held accountable for driving revenue and business objectives. They talk about:

  • The internal “business” conversations and the reframes on how marketing should impact EBITDA that need to happen for marketing to earn its position at the table.
  • How marketing should not be supporting sales and instead partnering with sales and customer success teams to drive customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.
  • Where disconnects between sales, marketing, and revenue generation exist and how we need to reboot the marketing organization so marketing is accountable for revenue.
  • The role marketing can play in helping sales and customer success teams shape and re-shape buying behavior so larger deals can be won, revenue can be protected, and accounts can be penetrated.
  • How marketing needs to shift its focus from measuring activity to measuring sales cycle velocity, deal size growth, retention rates, lifetime value, margin growth, and other KPIs related to revenue and profitability.

Here’s a Related ABM Resource For You After You Listen to the Podcast with Guest Expert Deanna Ransom:

While Kristina, Eric, and Deanna discuss above how marketing should impact revenue, most teams are unable to talk about where and how to move the needle and result in revenue because they’re not tying ABM to business challenges that are tied to revenue. Most ABM programs are still focused at the top of the funnel, even though analytics show that ABM can have the greatest impact at the middle and bottom of the buying journey.

In the ABM podcast below, Kristina discusses how marketing should impact more than the pipeline.


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