Managed Service Provider (Single Point of Contact) Attacts a Large Real Estate Management Company After Profile Makeover

Managed Service Provider (Single Point of Contact) Attacts a Large Real Estate Management Company After Profile Makeover

Fernando VP at Single Point of Contact, was finding it a great challenge to connect with key decision makers at a large, local real estate management company and have them wanting to learn more. His previous connection invites, inmails and other communications were ignored.


Because his LinkedIn profile was written like a resume and cover letter which showcased his skills and work history. But IT buyers don’t care about that! His profile didn’t provide the forum Fernando needed to tell his own unique story of what he has accomplished for his clients, and more importantly, what he can do to help someone who is looking for his expertise, not his job history. He wasn’t communicating his value and showing his prospects how he is relevant.

So here’s what we did:

We shared Fernando’s unique story in his summary and discussed the results that his clients have gained under his direction. These results include how he helped Shorenstein Realty, the largest, oldest, most respected real estate management firm cut IT OPEx by 43% and how he helped the Ports of America save 41% the 1st year and 48% the following year. And, we discuss how he has helped Google. On Fernando’s profile, you’ll find case studies on how he supports enterprises to reduce downtime and avoid multi-million dollar mistakes. He shares in detail how he saves Ditech Networks, Shorenstein Realty and LensVector More Than 40%!

We made Fernando’s profile case study based. You see, marketers mention that case studies are one of their most effective tools, yet most LinkedIn profiles are not result-driven and case study based. By making Fernando’s profile case study based, we show his relevance and how he is in tune with his buyer’s needs. This is extremely important as a recently completed a study that showed that 82% of sellers are out of sync with buyers.

The results:

Shortly after getting a LinkedIn profile makeover, Fernando Leon (VP of Business Development for IT Managed Service Provider – Single Point of Contact) attracted the large California real estate management company they tried to target for years!)

The California real estate management firm asked specific questions based on the content found inside Fernando’s LinkedIn profile that dealt with Shorenstein Realty and they asked for a complete case study. This is why it’s important to have LinkedIn profile content that’s relevant to specific audiences you’re targeting – and why you need to have a case study driven LinkedIn profile.

In’s Free LinkedIn Profile Training, we will go into even more detail on why Fernando’s profile is driving results – plus you’ll see the profile makeover that attracted 3 new accounts for the President of a commercial collection agency and how a profile makeover helped Wizard Media gain a $36,000 opportunity.

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