Messages That Matter Gains a New $10,000 to $15,000 Client Because of His LinkedIn Profile and Social Content

Messages That Matter Gains a New $10,000 to $15,000 Client Because of His LinkedIn Profile and Social Content

During a recent weekly client call, Lawson Abinanti (President of Messages That Matter – a B2B software and technology positioning and messaging consulting firm) mentioned that he recently gained a new client with a project that will be worth $10,000 to $15,000 in additional revenue when it’s completed. That’s on top of the $60,000 that he attributes to our ongoing LinkedIn efforts.

This new client, a leader in the design and architecture of interactive multimedia learning systems and strategies, was completing a Google search when she came across Lawson’s LinkedIn profile. Now, we optimized Lawson’s profile so it can be found in search – but even more importantly, we focused on the value he provides. You see, getting found is only step 1. If you don’t communicate value and drive demand with your profile then getting found is useless!

Here’s why the new client moved forward with Messages That Matter after viewing Lawson’s LinkedIn profile:

  • We took a challenger stance on Lawson’s profile. For example, we start his summary with:With most technology marketing materials, you can simply remove one software company’s logo and switch it with a competitor’s and no one would be able to tell the difference!For example, if you take a close look at the positioning for Qlik, SAS, SAP, IBM, Info Builders, Alleryx and Panorama in the Business Intelligence market, you’ll notice they’re all making similar claims based on better, faster, more informed decisions. See the PDF below that shows how these companies are failing to make a claim that stands out to decision makers.

    Your positioning is supposed to “own” an idea in your target audience’s mind. But you can’t “own” an idea if your messages sound like everyone else.

  • Lawson doesn’t just rely on his 20 years of experience. We use it as a credibility builder – but it doesn’t differentiate him. (Read this article to learn why!) How shows how he’s specifically changing the dialogue that sales and marketing are having about their technology solutions and how he provided 10-fold increases in marketing responses by changing the positioning and messaging strategy.
  • Lawson educates his prospects and offers them an alternative thinking. He shows point blank how marketers (including those from IBM and SAP) are muddling their product messages. He’s showing real proof and what they should be doing instead.
  • He doesn’t offer the same old content on the LinkedIn publishing platform that is linked directly from his profile. If you were to read his content (linked here), you would find thought leadership content including positioning and messaging assessments for the market leaders in the BI, CPM, CRM and Back Office Software markets. Within these assessments, he shows the challenges tech marketers are facing and why. Lawson has posts based on his studies and surveys. For example, he shows how 65% of tech marketers are not spending enough time on positioning even though your messaging and positioning affects everything you do in marketing! And, he challenges common approaches used in B2b technology marketing including me-too positioning, multi-claim positioning and use of buzzwords like Transform.

You see Lawson’s profile and content were designed to drive demand as it challenges common approaches and assumptions – how it’s affecting these companies and he provided sneak glimpses into his approach. View Lawson Abinanti’s profile here to see what I mean. Then sign up for our Free LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training to see how you should be communicating your business value.


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