LinkedIn Success Story – MPi Gain 20% More Webinar Registrants By Merging LinkedIn with Content Marketing

LinkedIn Success Story – MPi Gain 20% More Webinar Registrants By Merging LinkedIn with Content Marketing

MPi LogoWhen MPi (which was recognized by Inc. 5000 as the 63rd fastest growing software company) approached our agency partner (Web Attract)  about helping them create, produce and market a demand generation webinar that shows dealers, GMs, sales directors and service managers how they should be selling 20 to 25 additional cars each month from the service drive – Mike Agron promised them 80 to 120 webinar signups.

The actual number of registered webinar attendees: 337

Here’s why we were able to beat our expectations:

Reason #1: The webinar was based on a specific challenge that car dealerships were experiencing right now

The focus of the webinar and all communications was on how car dealerships are spending a minimum of $400 per car sold to advertise their businesses online and offline. Yet, they were failing to capitalize on the prospects that are already in their dealership getting maintenance or service repairs.

Our content and communications with the car dealers also addressed the concerns that car dealers have with selling cars from the service drive. Through talking to MPi’s sales executives for their “Service Turn” product we uncovered that many dealers are afraid to sell cars from the service drive because they don’t want to make their customers angry as they’re not there to be sold. The service drive is extremely profitable for dealerships so they don’t want to lose repeat customers.

So, in our invitations and in the content we created for MPi we had to show them why they only converted one-half percent of their service customers into a new car sale and what they did wrong. We had to educate them on a process that not only sells 20 to 25 additional cars per month but also increase the customer care index and customer service index numbers. Then invite them to the webinar to learn more.

Reason #2: The webinar, the webinar invitation and all webinar communications were case study driven

In MPi’s webinar, one of the panelists was the former GM of Kelly Nissan – a dealership that was closing at least 4% to 5% of their service customers on new car deals. During the webinar, they revealed how they were using an 8-step quality assurance process that was supported by MPi’s Service Turn technology to improve the customer experience and increase sales immediately and permanently through the service drive.

Within our invitations and within our call-to-actions with our LinkedIn marketing and content marketing activities, we emphasized the fact that attendees will learn from an actual real-life case study. This meant that attendees would not just get theory, but they’d also see exactly how a client implemented a system to get increased results.

Reason #3: The webinar featured a recognized industry leader

By featuring a 3rd party guest expert, that’s respected within the industry, we were able to attract immediate attention as webinar attendees knew up front the value they’d receive. In fact, just by mentioning our guest expert’s name  (Jim Ziegler who has worked with 15,000 dealerships nationwide and is one of the most respected automobile industry forecasters) in the email subject – we attracted more opens.

The email that had one of the biggest opens had the subject line:

“Free Webinar: Jim Ziegler Reveals How You Can Sell 20 to 25 Additional Cars from the Service Drive”

Reason #4 – We integrated a number of webinar marketing strategies to attract the most amount of car dealers, sales managers & service managers

Along with targeting new car dealerships in North America (opposed to used car dealerships) that have a service drive and have high sales revenues with a multi-touch email lead generation program we also:

  • Gave Randy Kobat(VP of Strategic Initiatives) a LinkedIn profile makeover. We turned his boring resume-looking profile into a marketing tool that would help us with our LinkedIn marketing initiative. When our LinkedIn marketing team reached out to prospects on LinkedIn about the MPi webinar, they checked out Randy’s profile and they automatically saw how he could help them. From there, they accepted the invitation to register for the event.


  • Created content that offers prospects a sneak preview on the type of information and value they will receive from the webinar. For example, we created blog post articles on: Four Service Drive Selling Undisputed Facts That Only 10% of Today’s Car Dealerships Are Taking Advantage of and Profiting From, Why Car Dealerships Should Not Rely on Data Mining Software or Programs and Case Study: Why Kelly Nissan Was Hesitant to Sell Cars from the Service Drive & How They Now Sell 25 Additional Cars Per Month. At the end of each blog post, there was a call-to-action to register for the free webinar.


  • Promoted the blog content through social media. We researched and joined Randy inside LinkedIn groups like Car Dealer that has 6,875 members who are in the business of running or working for a dealership, Automotive Dealers Network that has 13,340 and Automotive Management Professionals that have over 100,000 car dealer decision makers inside the community. We created thought provoking conversations that added value within each LinkedIn group and invited prospects to read the blog post (which had a call-to-action at the end to register for the free webinar) for even more information.


  • Engaged in a LinkedIn lead generation email campaign – By joining 31 targeted LinkedIn groups, it gave us immediate access to decision makers that we should be emailing and inviting to the LinkedIn group. Within the invitation, we explained why they should register for the free webinar and gave them a link to sign up. Plus, we provided prospects with a link to blog post so they can learn more about MPi’s 8-step quality assurance process and how their dealerships can be selling 20 to 25 additional cars per month without spending more money on advertising.

Through our social media and content marketing efforts, we were able to get at least an additional 20% more webinar registrants. Now, I’m saying at least because 20% of those who registered for the MPi webinar self-identified themselves as a social media prospect. We believe that an additional 5% to 10% of the attendees also came from social media.

By combining the actions above, we were able to help WebAttract produce attendance results that were more than double the registration goals.

Want to attract more people to your next webinar or event using LinkedIn – schedule a Free LinkedIn Planning Strategy.

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