Create Penetration, Sales Cycles and Revenue with the Most Difficult Accounts

The Need For Personal Relevance in Sales and Marketing.

While volume-based, automated, or templated campaigns are needed for brand awareness and lead gen, they do not move hearts and minds. Traditional campaigns cannot speak to prospect-specific process gaps & personal impacts as the conversation is one-to-many.

Personal relevance is needed to:

  • Protect at-risk accounts while growing margins
  • Remove 3-9 months from complex sales cycles
  • Reverse “no” and “later” positions at Fortune 25’s
  • Accelerate partner and customer revenue growth.
  • Achieve team consensus in new markets for $2M+ enterprise wins
  • Drive engagement with unresponsive CEO, COO, EVP, SVP & Directors
  • Reliably penetrate regions, ranks, departments for increased market share

What is a Personal ABM approach to social?

  • Instead of focusing on “leads”, “appointments” and “activity” you focus only on  “key objectives”:
    •  Saving accounts
    •  Penetrating corporate ranks
    •  Winning specific contract awards
    •  Achieving margin growth
  • Rather than a a one-to-many approach, personal ABM drives 1-to-1 personal engagement on LinkedIn, email and live conversation with ideal targets that haven’t engaged through traditional outreach.
  • Custom-built content and unique messaging for “individual conversations” doubles your results. Each account and each target within the account is treated uniquely as each conversation is different.
  • Your content is designed specifically to move your targets forward in the funnel. Only then it is re-purposed for brand awareness, campaigns & other needs.
  • You sell “proof” not “potential” and your marketing budget is spent exclusively (a) where sales and the CEO are most interested and (b) where you have the highest potential to double deal sizes and margins.
  • There is no hand-off, as marketing helps sales ‘leverage’ social content in your phone or live conversation giving customers a consistent feel across online & live conversations for increased trust & revenue wins.
  • You will align VP to VP, Director to Director, and CEO to CEO to build trust for multi-year, multi-million dollar wins by showing your knowledge of their local process gaps & personalized impacts.
  • Your contacts are continually re-qualified to help you skip unproductive sales meetings & create a 75% to 90% close rate.
  • Continued support where traditional marketing stops (after the close) to drive customer and partner revenue growth.

Personal ABM for Customer Revenue Growth & Acquisition

Your customer stories are captured – but NOT a simple, boring synopsis!

We’ll help you learn the process gaps, which ranks/roles/departments are impacted, how to quantify the pain points, and how to add both soft costs & risk – for employees and for customers.

Marketing builds personally branded LinkedIn profiles to match customer pain points – and discussion articles to teach target contacts what they’ll need to know to grow.

LinkedIn profiles will prove a differentiated credibility with targets and the articles will relate to your specific prospect’s gaps, the quantified impacts, why they have the gaps and how it can only be solved by you.

Targeted prospects will see proof of your expertise – and the gaps you “uniquely fill.”

Through your LinkedIn profile, case studies, articles, community group discussions, and LIVE, PERSONAL talking points your Director, VP and Chief targets will find emotional & rational impacts to the employees, customers, and financial bottom line.

Top-to-Bottom organizational wide engagement is created on & off LinkedIn

  • Strategic “wave” prospecting that enables you to add new layers of relevance as each division and rank pulls you through the buyer’s journey
  • Marketing connects to and nurtures across the organization showing how each division, rank and individual is impacted by the status quo
  • Each department or rank will add insight & consensus strength to your penetration
  • You’ll uncover new gaps & opportunity to re-frame ideas as you go
  • Drive urgency for change in social and live selling conversations using intel gathered from marketing and from “pain-point confirmed” social conversations

Move from opportunity to revenue

Sales works with marketing to plan live “key” conversations from end-to-end and how to use the same articles used on LinkedIn in the live conversation to drive consistency and produce the most reliably high deal sizes, high margins, and repeatable penetration wins.

Drive continuous KPI growth and improvement

  • Conversion , response and relationship progression tracking at the account, rank and individual conversation levels
  • Full CRM reporting providing complete visibility to leadership, sales and marketing for growth opportunity identification

Would you like to drive greater customer growth & larger “new account” deal sizes?

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