Doug Landis (Growth Partner at Emergence Capital and Advisor to companies like Sales Assembly) mentioned in a recent Forbes article: “When selling to larger companies you must come to every social, email and live conversation with a point of view about their business…You have to know what they are focused on as those strategic initiatives for the business will trickle down to every department across the organization.” You need to show the role you can play in their strategic initiatives and the impact you will have otherwise, and you will just be another item on their list of things to do eventually.

You cannot come to every interaction with a point of view about your future customers’ businesses if your team does not have a clear point of view about their business. Unfortunately, too many teams do not have a POV and even the experts are getting POVs wrong.  In the podcast below, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) shares:

  • Why a VR tech firm targeting the Fortune 1000 with solutions to help with employee training and engagement are only getting interest from Directors and below and are not capturing attention from VPs and the C-suite.
  • Why a digital asset management tech firm was challenged to compete with Bynder that would win on price and with suites like Adobe and Sitecore.
  • How top marketers like Sangram Vajre are getting POVs wrong and how it’s limiting the ability of GTM teams to create a category, drive demand with status quo accounts, and teach for differentiation.
  • How you need to build the foundation (including creating your POV) before you can effectively complete ABM where you can come to each interaction with a POV about your future clients’ businesses. We need to build the foundation to change sales and marketing motions as it is our POV that you are just doing targeted demand gen if you are not changing sales and marketing motions, interactions, and experiences. This is why companies are challenged to go upmarket, why they have accounts go dark after sales engagement, and why sales cycles are too long.


Additional Resource That Will Help You Win with Status Quo Accounts: