While covering Sumerian (a UK ITSM Analytics SaaS company), 451 Research indicated that our client will have to break out of its finance niche category if it wants to be an international player. Our client needed to quickly create demand for a new product in a new category into the market: Capacity Planning as a Service. This on-demand cloud-based subscription service showed customers what resources they have now, what they are actually using and where there is opp for growth. It calculated capacity projections and potential outcomes for months in advance allowing changes and system upgrades to be made before performance is affected unlike VMWare and other competitors that looked only hours or days ahead.

When our client looked to grow into other markets they discovered that 4 out of 5 targeted companies lacked senior executive understanding of the issues and would not secure budget to implement necessary solutions. As a result, they were stuck in status quo with inadequate tools and were unresponsive to general industry messaging that spoke to benefits and features versus account-specific gaps and personal impacts. The firm was only having conversation with the 10% of the market that understood they had issues and were looking  for a solution now.

This is why we aligned sales and marketing to take top-to-bottom personal approach, which showed the impacts of reacting to threshold crossing alerts on IT finance, IT security, IT operations and customers. By quantifying “personal” impacts to the employee, their KPIs and what outages mean to them as individuals, our client built a LinkedIn community (50%+ group conversion) that focused on making a stronger case for capacity management. Through the discussions, our client showed how non-tech leadership the importance of align IT with business objectives and how our client can uniquely fill the gaps.  This enabled our client to change the relationship for sales from “buyer and seller” to “subject matter expert and interested party” and allowed business development and marketing to influence internal selling conversations. It’s these internal conversations that create consensus and aligns the team around a buying vision. From there marketing supported sales with content for specific conversations with specific accounts that had specific business objectives which they needed greater IT alignment to achieve.

This led to new clients like JC Penney and GoDaddy and new partners like ServiceNow, IBM, DXC Technology, VMWare (a previous competitor that recognized its own gaps) and many more. It enabled Sumerian to break away from its financial niche category, become an international player and position itself for acquisition. Sumerian is now part of ITRS Group which has offices throughout the world.

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