The Law Collection Group Gains a New Client and 3 Accounts After Profile Makeover and 15 Days of LinkedIn Marketing Implementation

The Law Collection Group Gains a New Client and 3 Accounts After Profile Makeover and 15 Days of LinkedIn Marketing Implementation

When the President of “The Law Collection Group Inc.” came to Get LinkedIn Help, he was wasting money on Pay-Per-Click and SEO that was getting him consumer collections leads instead of commercial collections leads. He had no thought leadership content that differentiated him from other law firms handling collections and traditional commercial collection agencies. He had a LinkedIn profile that was nothing more than a cover letter and resume. And, he had no LinkedIn strategy to help him break further into the “tech” market space – a market that he can easily collect on accounts as in most cases, the debtor has something to lose.

Now, when you look at the President’s LinkedIn profile, you can see:

  • He’s a commercial collections lawyer who has recovered more than $7+ million for tech, software, finance & SEO firms without litigation
  • By his video and how his LinkedIn profile is written that he has the strategic, creative communication skills needed to elicit responses. We even discuss how he was able to get a British company to pay 17,000 pounds to one of his US tech clients over a 2 month period of time.
  • Real case studies on how he has helped a B2B software firm recover $20,000 and keep a $100,000 a year relationship intact and how he’s recovering monies 100% of the time from debtors who have something to lose.
  • Why traditional commercial collection agencies requests for money go ignored. He discusses how he recovered $124,000, which represented 100% of an annual software maintenance contract that had automatically renewed. He collected these monies from a Fortune 500 company that previously ignored a traditional collection agency’s attempts for 8 months. And, he explains that he was successful because he applied contract law to the matter and was able to get the debtor to realize that the law was on the clients side if litigation was ensued.
  • His business value to specific targeted audiences – and how he is different.

Because tech CFOs and other technology finance leaders see our client’s value, that he understands their specific business issues and how he has a different approach than they have already tried and that his firm is getting results with this approach – they’re welcoming his connection. Some of his new connections include:

  • Accounting/Finance Manager at Arrow Electronics
  • CFO/COO at BigCommerce
  • Director of Finance and Operations at ByteCubed
  • Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer at GHX
  • Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operational Strategy at Door3 Business Applications

After we invited the CFO at Door3 Business Applications to connect so we can invite him to The Law Collection Group’s LinkedIn community and nurture him further – the CFO reached out to our client asking for an immediate conversation. This $10 million dollars a year technology company had a need – they were paying a law firm on retainer to handle accounts receivables and were getting nothing in return. They saw how our client works on a contingency basis – and the results they were achieving for others using an alternative approach. The CFO saw the information he needed to move the relationship forward – have a sales conversation and hand over 3 accounts.

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Now, don’t you think if you communicate the “value” buyers are looking for in your LinkedIn profile, then you’ll attract more key decision makers who want to talk to you? If you’d like to get a LinkedIn profile makeover so you can get results like the President of The Law Collection Group, click here to learn more about our profile makeover service and schedule a free LinkedIn profile strategy session.



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