The supply chain leader at one of the top flat-screen TV manufacturers, which is also America’s #1 sound bar company, was considering their options for a managed TMS solution. As part of their buying process, they contacted Schneider and their top 5 competitors to compare features, benefits, costs, and ROI.

Traditionally, RFP’s had a very small win rate because the client will only see the lowest price rather than the best value. Schneider considered declining to bid for this reason, but having seen the urgency created in customers by using commercial insight and personal relevance to expose unconsidered gaps, they decided to use their LinkedIn content even within their phone and in-person meetings.

The manufacturer’s leadership team gained a new view of their business through the educational and re-frame based sales experience, discovering areas of cost and risk that were not previously considered. Once more, this caused the customer to pull Schneider forward through their journey.


  1. An unlikely prospect became a Top Target and contract win
  2. The buyer sees a strong value beyond price
  3. Schneider received a verbal award for new business