Watch This Video Series to See Why More Than 2/3 of ABM Programs Do Not Deliver Significant Improvement in Revenue Performance.

ITSMA’s State of ABM report shows that less than 1/3 of ABM organizations are seeing significant business improvement. Tech Target studies also show that 66% of ABM programs are under-performing.

Yet previous research shows – and intuitively we all agree – that ABM works. So where is the breakdown occurring? In many cases, ABM programs are starting off on the wrong foot as leadership, CMOs and sales and marketing leaders are confusing ABM with targeted advertising, awareness and demand gen programs.

How ABM is Misunderstood by Most CEOs, CMOs and Sales & Marketing Teams…

How ABM is Misunderstood

How Companies Lose by Making ABM Tech Synonymous with ABM

How Teams Are Confusing ABM with Targeted Demand Gen

How GTM teams are rushing into ABM without building the foundation

Many ABM teams and the firms they use are trying to retrofit ABM into existing processes, technologies and reporting. But as Kristina shares in the video to the right, if you retrofit ABM then you’re not changing sales, marketing and customer success motions, interactions and experiences, which means you’re just marketing and selling to accounts, You’re simply building a lead engine vs. a revenue engine.

How Most Teams Are Not Ready for ABM

How Most Teams Do Not Have an ABM Strategy

Why Teams Cannot Communicate Strong Point of Views to Target Accounts

What’s Wrong with How Teams Select ABM Accounts

How Teams Are Irrelevant Across Channels

Why Most Content Does Not Support ABM and Selling Conversations

How Your Website is Not Setup for ABM

The Challenges That Sales and Marketing Teams Have with Intent Data and ABM

GTM teams will need to ensure that every engagement is heard by receptive ears and that every interaction is valuable, targeted, and tailored. This is why 70% of B2B tech companies have made investments in intent data platforms like Bombora, Intentsify and others that Personal ABM partners with. It’s why these platforms have become an important piece in the ABM puzzle.

While sales and marketing teams have used intent data to focus and accelerate their prospecting efforts, many of these organizations still struggle to get the most out of their intent data investments. If the intent data is identifying in-market accounts, why aren’t all organizations using intent data for outbound efforts seeing huge jumps in responses? Why are at least 45% of organizations as reported by DemandScience challenged with converting intent leads to actual revenue? Why does DemandSciences study also show that 77% of organizations using intent data experience intent data anxiety and feel overwhelmed using intent data to capture high-intent, high quality accounts?

Making Sense of Intent Data and ABM

5 Challenges That GTM Teams Face with Intent Data

How GTM Teams Can Gain Greater Returns From Intent Data and ABM

Why Being Part of Your ICP and Showing Intent is Not Enough

How Focusing Only on In-Market Accounts Limits Revenue Growth

What’s Wrong with How GTM Teams Execute and Measure ABM

When ABM is still focused on “activities” vs. business and customer outcomes, you do not have a strategy that goes beyond a list of campaigns, tactics and cadences and you have not built a foundation, you cannot expect your ABM execution to fix revenue challenges. Below, are the issues that we find with how most GTM teams execute ABM.

How Focusing on Scaling is Impacting ABM Success

How ABM is Not Being Used at the Right Time for the Right Reason

How GTM Teams Are Failing to Get Personal

How Teams Are Failing to Take a Blue Ocean Approach When It Comes to ABM

Why GTM Teams Are Not Aligning with Target Accounts and the Human Buyers

How Teams Are Leaving Buyers Hanging Halfway Through Their Journey

How Teams Are Failing to Protect and Expand Account with ABM

How GTM Teams Are Tracking the Wrong KPIs – Video Coming Soon

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