Vijai Shankar, VP of Product Marketing for Uniphore, says that the biggest mistake companies can make when it comes to ABM is to have demand gen and other “marketing areas” drive ABM programs. Account-based sales and marketing is a business strategy where leadership, sales, marketing, and account management teams work together to get more accounts to revenue and existing accounts to greater revenue.  Product marketing is the connector between the teams and ABM should be part of their revenue engine.

In the podcast below, Vijai, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM), and Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) discuss what happens when you hand ABM to demand gen to drive vs. support. You will see why ABM often turns into account-based lead gen, account-based advertising, or account-based awareness programs that focus on the top of the funnel vs. the complete buyer’s journey.

In Addition to Listening to Why Uniphore’s Product Marketing Team Drives ABM, You Will Also Hear These ABM Conversations:

  • Why ITSMA reports that less than 1/3 of companies see significant business improvement with ABM.
  • How companies are starting ABM on the wrong foot and how you should be starting with ABM.
  • Why you should focus ABM on the complete journey and how companies are leaving revenue opportunities on the table by not using ABM for existing accounts.
  • The challenges that Vijai faced while implementing ABM programs for 2 other companies besides Uniphore and why the Uniphore program is working.

Because Many CMOs Are Confusing ABM with Demand Gen, You Will Want to Check Out the Resources Below After Listening to the Podcast with Vijai: