Unfortunately, too many sales, marketing, and customer success teams see themselves as participants in a relay race where the teams hand off a baton even though ABM should be a three-legged race.  ABM should go beyond aligning the teams and integrate them to improve both the prospect experience and the customer experience so you can drive growth with tier 1 accounts.

But, too often, ABM programs focus on “sourcing the pipeline” and then we wonder why teams are challenged with accounts going dark and long sales cycles. Even ABM events focus on the pipeline. For example, Personal ABM President Kristina Jaramillo recently just spoke at Demand Gen Report’s B2B MX – Next Level ABM virtual event and she was one of the few sessions that focused on driving stage progression and increasing speed to revenue with ABM. There weren’t any sessions really that focused on protecting and expanding key accounts.

In the podcast below, Joseph Monastiero the former CRO and SVP of Sales at Revegy, shows how you should be winning, protecting and expanding accounts as 1 team. You’ll see how most companies are just buying churn as sales, marketing, and customer success programs, communications and conversations are disjointed.


Here Are The Key Points From This ABM Done Right Podcast with Revegy

  • GTM teams are starting off wrong with account selection and planning
  • Sales, marketing, account management and RevOps teams need to align cross-functionally to create a tailored CX that positively impacts revenue KPIs.
  • GTM teams should be working together to accelerate accounts to revenue. You’ll learn why accounts are getting stuck in their journey and what the teams can do together to ensure a win.
  • The race is not over once a deal is signed – You’ll see how teams should be working together to retain and expand accounts.

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